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There is no relationship of hours spent on Internet and customer risk with the attitude towards online shopping among the respondents, This research found that there were relationships between the perceived usability, perceived security, perceived privacy, perceived after-sales service, perceived marketing mix, perceived reputation and consumers’ attitude to adopting online shopping in China. The high price of goods and services is another big issue for the consumers. The first section, describes, the importance of various factors including lifestyle and its impact on the consumer buying behavior. Online shopping is more and more driven by the ICT infrastructure development, online payment systems and the Internet penetration rate in Bangladesh. Consequently, online consumer behavior (user action during searching, buying, using products) became a contemporary research area for an increasing number of researchers to understand this unique nature of online shopping. However, the personalization dimension is not significantly related to overall service quality and customer satisfaction, Confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling are done on data collected from a sample size of 297 online consumers, Internet users’ attitudes toward business-to-consumer online shopping, Lack of physical interaction is a central impediment to online retail sales. Kim J., Fiore A.M. and Lee H.H. This confirms the study of Heijden et al. About 11.88% of the interviewees preferred healthcare and fitness products and only 1.88% respondents prefer books (see Figure 7). Moreover, information quality, merchandise attribute, website design, transaction capability, payment, security/privacy, delivery, self-consciousness, state of mind, the consumer’s time sense and customer service are strongly predictive of online shopping satisfaction (Katawetawaraks & Wang, 2011; Liu, He, Gao, & Xie, 2008; Mudambi & Schuff, 2010; Novak, Hoffman, & Yung, 2000; Shergill & Chen, 2005; Sorce, Perotti, & Widrick, 2005). To examine the customer behavior and customer satisfaction with reference to buying food online in Manipal. 0000021775 00000 n 0000011351 00000 n This problem is especially evident in cross-border purchasing, One can use the product instantly after buying it from a physical store, which can be satisfying. CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR THEORIES 1. Literature Review 2.1. (2015), where they found perceived ease of use which comes from experience helps to adopt the online shopping. It To meet the objectives of the research, first, we begin with a review of the literature on online shopping and factors affecting consumers’ shopping behavior. 0000017806 00000 n 57% of consumers prefer to shop online, 31% of consumers prefer visiting the physical shop, while 12% of consumers said both ways are the same for them. Only marketing mix and reputation have a greater influence on consumers’ attitude towards online shopping, Influencing the online consumer’s behavior: the web experience. Proceedings of the Eighth Americas Conference on Information Systems. INTRODUCTION Internet is rapidly grasping the pace in modern communication landscape, technology and … Sources of online shopping information. 0000048070 00000 n Introduction • Selling goods and services directly to consumer through internet is online retailing/E-retailing. The survey reveals that consumers shop online to save time, and for available varieties of products and services. Above all, secured payment is a significant concern in Bangladesh. Interestingly, those trends are not limited only to Dhaka, the capital city, but semi-urban and to an extent, rural areas as well (Dhaka Tribune, 2015). In case of occupation, 46.88% of them were students, 28.13% of them were service holders, 13.12% was homemakers, and the rest of them were doing business (see Figure 2). Research Objectives Chitra Sharma, “Consumer buying behaviour towards online shopping – A Review of literature”, Indian journal of applied research, Volume (5), Issue : 4, April 2015, ISSN - 2249-555X. Analysing the process … 96 0 obj <>stream Dr. D. Both male and female both have the same type of behavior towards liking and disliking factors; they like home delivery facility and dislike inability to touch and feel the product most. Digital Shopping Behaviour-Key Facts ... the research will intend to provide the future of clothes hopping online and also the consumer behaviour towards online marketing strategy of clothing retailers. Among the respondents, we found 62.5% were male, and 37.5% were female (see Table 6). However, analyzing customer behaviors is crucial especially in the case of online shoppers who do not get the touch and feel of the actual product during purchase. 55.17% of 1–2 years’ experienced buyer do shopping occasionally, and 37.93% are a monthly online shopper. H�\��j�0��~ Experience in online shopping versus online shopping frequencies. To facilitate developing countries to transition into all sectors of e-commerce, UNCTAD has special programs. To probe how the pattern of online buying (types of goods, e-commerce experience and hours use on internet) influence consumers‟ attitude towards online shopping. variables in terms factors affecting online consumer buying behaviour. Despite consumers’ continuation to buy from a physical store, the users or buyers feel very convenient to online shopping. Respondents stated that privacy of personal information and security of financial transactions are their top concerns with using the Internet. (2012), where the online shoppers mostly prefer to pay through credit or debit cards. (2015), where the respondents found to adopt e-commerce for the usefulness. It is a literature review ppt,Topic is " Consumer perception towards online shopping " Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. It is a literature review ppt,Topic is " Consumer perception towards online shopping " Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. (2007), "Influences of Online Store Perception, Shopping Enjoyment, and Shopping Involvement on consumer Patronage Behavior Towards an Online Retailer", Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Vol. %PDF-1.5 %���� Over the last several years, UNCTAD (United Nation Center for Trade and Development) has emphasized the importance of e-commerce, especially online shopping for developing countries (UNCTAD, 2017). The factors influencing consumers' online purchase intentions, which have been examined in … Dipti jain et. 1.3 Objectives of the Study to determine student’s perceptions of online food shopping at Manipal based on four education institutions in Manipal. More people than before are using the web to shop for a wide variety of items, from house to shoes to airplane tickets. 0000007397 00000 n He believed that consumer behaviours are unpredictable and changing continuously changing; while trying to … Figure 10. h�b```b`�`e`g`��f`@ 6 da��%��MH���Z��`R��_����� A study of customer reviews on Amazon. About 41.88% of the respondents have less than 0–1 years’ experience of online shopping, 36.25% of them have 1–2 years’ experiences, 14.37% of them have 2–3 years’ experiences and 7.5% of the respondents have experiences in online shopping for more than 3 years. impacted Indian online shopping and marketing trends drastically. 0 By Marzia Dulal & Md. of an item online. They mostly rely on price and their experience as the basis of the quality judgment of items in online shopping and for payment system they prefer cash on delivery option. 71% of online shoppers have used either a desktop or a laptop, followed by mobile phone and tablets. Keywords-- Online Shopping, Online Apparel, Buying Behavior Paper Type-- Literature Review Shopping, Youth Online Shopping Behavior, Online I. Although e-Commerce operation first started in late 90s to deliver gifts to Bangladeshi friends and family members by NRBs (Mohiuddin, 2014), the first real local e-commerce or m-commerce operation was launched by CellBazaar.com in 2006 through WAP service accessed only by mobile phones (Zainudeen, Samarajiva, & Sivapragasam, 2011). INTRODUCTION Internet is rapidly grasping the pace in modern communication landscape, technology and … Accumulated data were analyzed through Microsoft Excel. Scope of the Study 9 8. ... " Consumer perception towards online shopping-the case of Punjab. Google and Facebook are primary click-through points for online shoppers. 0000041328 00000 n 15% of the interviewees agreed to the fact that online payment system is much secured where 27.5% of respondents disagreed. Consumer reactions to electronic shopping on the World Wide Web, World Wide Web merchants need to think more about how they perform on the factors known to affect consumer behavior; namely, product perceptions, shopping experience, and customer service, Factors influencing consumers’ attitude towards e-Commerce purchases through online shopping, There is a significant relationship between e-Commerce experience, product perception and customer service with the attitude towards online shopping among the respondents. Initially, Coronavirus's influence on consumer buying behaviour, towards brands and online tools was largely unknown. The specific objectives of the research included: 1. Jabalpur College of omputer & ommunication, Jabalpur, INDIA. Also, demographic variables such as age, gender, and level of income play a facilitating role because they influence consumer perception and consumer behavior that drives them towards online shopping (Kim, Zhao, & Yang, 2008; Laforet & Li, 2005; Sabbir Rahman, 2012). This result confirms the findings of Hajli (2014) and Alsubagh (2015). 0000048830 00000 n 0000013463 00000 n One of the results also indicated that different types of online purchasers (i.e., trial, occasional, frequent and regular online buyers) have different appraisals of website design and website reliability/fulfillment. However, online shopping requires patience to wait for the item to arrive (about 6/7 hours or even more), which can diminish the satisfaction level. 0000005376 00000 n All these four factors motivate an online shopper to buy over the Internet. Consumer perception towards online shopping 1. Review Related Literature Purchase decision: Consumer behaviour focuses on how individuals make decisions to spend their available resources (time, money, effort) on consumption-related items" (Schiffman and Kanuk 2000,). 0000021706 00000 n Dan J Kim et. ONLINE SHOPPING AND CONSUMER BEHAVIOR With the emergence of the Internet, Internet-based electronic commerce developed and this environment provide individuals to reach information about products and services easily. (see Figure 5). The contrast may be due to the less developed financial sector of Bangladesh, where credit cards are less available than that in developed countries. Online shopping is the easy solution for busy life in today’s world. In Malaysia, information quality and purchase quality linked with the post-purchase quality are statistically significant in the case of customer satisfaction (Vegiayan, Ming, & Harun, 2013). The industry is flooded with footfalls of foreign retail giants; in Factors that motivate customers to buy online include convenience, information, available products and service and cost and efficiency. There are about 2.55 million online shoppers, who are about 2% of the total population of Bangladesh (UNCTAD, 2017). 0000025326 00000 n 0000006511 00000 n 0000009704 00000 n Need of the Study 9 7. al, Consumer behavior towards online shopping IOSR journal of business & management vol 16 iss 9 pp 65-72 Delhi 2014 17. Figure 8. Observing the popularity, foreign investors are coming to the Bangladeshi market, for example, recently Chinese giant Alibaba group bought daraz.com and bKash – a mobile payment system to operate in Bangladesh (Ovi, 2018). Information quality, purchase quality, and post-purchase quality have a statistically significant relationship with customer satisfaction in Malaysia, A study of Indian online consumers and their buying behavior, • The ratio of male consumers is very high in online shopping (73%), Primary data have been collected from 200 respondents and analyzed, It is found that perceived usefulness, perceived security, perceived privacy, perceived good reputation, and willingness to customize are the essential antecedents to initial online trust. Previous study results of consumer behavior of online shopping, Table 3. This approach was chosen because consumer behaviour especially in the wake of increased online shopping has been discussed widely by researchers. Most of the consumers prefer cash on delivery as a mode of payment for online shopping. Online shopping indicates electronic commerce to buy products or services directly from the seller through the Internet. ��K� ���E After analyzing data, we found that half of the respondents are satisfied with their overall online shopping experience. Managers should choose the social network for advertisement. 20,001–30,000, and 16.88% of the interviewees have more than Tk. 4. Through online shopping consumers can buy faster, more alternatives and can order product and services with comparative lowest price. About 56.25% of the respondents know about online shopping from websites especially from different social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. The findings of the paper provide managers guideline about the attributes that must be included in their products and service quality, mode of delivery channel, payment gateway, security, trustworthiness, and pricing strategy. There is an increasing maturity in the way Bangladeshi people use the Internet. 0000038607 00000 n 0000005456 00000 n 0000012245 00000 n 0000012819 00000 n 0000011588 00000 n Occupation of the respondents. Online shopping satisfaction. Thus can save his time, Online shopping saves energy because someone does not need to go to a physical store by wasting his energy on shopping, It is effortless and straightforward to conduct a price comparison from one online shopping site to another. 0000008322 00000 n A. 1. On the basis of literature review, two hypotheses were developed. They want 24/7 customer service and well feedback, This study uses the Apriori algorithm as an association rules approach, and clustering analysis for data mining, which is implemented for mining customer knowledge among online group buying customers in Taiwan, The study shows the influence of social network on increased trust and intention to buy, The study was conducted on 237 respondents through online and paper questionnaires. Internet users in Bangladesh spend over Tk 7184.018 crore in online shopping each year. 10,001–20,000, 14.38% earn Tk. 30,000 income per month. From the survey it is found that (Figure 11) none of the respondents highly agreed to the fact that the payment system for online shopping is highly secured in Bangladesh. People also read lists articles that other readers of this article have read. To investigate how socio-demographic (age, income and occupation) affect consumers‟ attitude towards online shopping. Online Shopping-A Literature Review Sanjay Kumar Assistant Professor- BRCMCET,Bahal ... affects the consumer attitude towards online shopping. Both male and female respondents assured that there are specific reasons for choosing online shopping. The findings of this research may shed light on this issue. Various types of features, demographic variables, consumer shopping orientations, consumer innovativeness and psychological variables, computer, Internet knowledge, and usages drives consumer characteristics. Therefore, trust and perceived benefits seem to be the critical conjectures of consumer behavior toward online shopping (Al-Debei, Akroush, & Ashouri, 2015; Hajli, 2014). Literature Review on Online Shopping. 0000050296 00000 n Tables 4 and 5 show the Internet usage and penetration rate of Bangladesh. Consumer buying behavior towards online .... https://doi.org/10.1080/23311975.2018.1514940, http://www.btrc.gov.bd/content/internet-subscribers-bangladesh-april-2018, http://www.dhakatribune.com/bangladesh/2015/may/08/online-shopping-worth-tk7184cr-each-year, https://www.channelreply.com/blog/view/advantages-of-ebay, https://www.emarketer.com/Article/Worldwide-Retail-Ecommerce-Sales-Will-Reach-1915-trillion-This-Year/1014369, https://www.emarketer.com/performance/channel/58fe47a2d2670009840a9ec7/58dd63dd2357af0c900b4d33, http://www.itseba.com/advantages-and-disadvantages-e-commerce/, https://hubpages.com/business/online-shoppingtips, https://www.internetworldstats.com/asia.htm, https://e27.co/look-e-commerce-trends-companies-bangladesh–20170522/, https://www.jagonews24.com/en/business/news/361, https://toughnickel.com/frugal-living/Online-shopping-sites-benefits, https://endertech.com/blog/e-commerce-trends-facts, http://scholarship.sha.cornell.edu/articles, http://print.thefinancialexpress-bd.com/2014/09/30/58964/print, http://hifipublic.com/2015/02/19/e-commerce-in-bangladesh-growth-of-virtual-shopping-malls/, http://www.iosrjournals.org/iosr-jbm/papers/Vol16-issue7/Version-2/A016720106.pdf, https://www.dhakatribune.com/business/2018/05/08/alibaba-buys-daraz-rocket-internet/, http://unctad.org/en/PublicationsLibrary/tn_unctad_ict4d09_en.pdf%0Ahttp://unctad.org/en/PublicationsLibrary/tn_unctad_ict4d07_en.pdf, http://www.sooperarticles.com/shopping-articles/clothing-articles/importance-online-shopping-1495828.html, The user interface quality, product and service information quality, security perception and site awareness were found to have significant effects on consumer’s site commitment. It is evident that the frequency of shopping is increasing when they become more experienced in online shopping. 3099067 This study is undertaken to understand the behavior of online shoppers through a self-constructed questionnaire of 160 respondents from Dhaka city. The research examines consumers’ online initial trust by using four significant categories of determinants: perceived technology, perceived risk, company competency, and trust propensity. These findings of our study have both theoretical and practical implications. It is worth noting that consumer buying behaviour is studied as a part of the marketing and its main objective it to learn the way how the individuals, groups or organizations choose, buy use and dispose the goods and the factors such as their previous experience, taste, price and branding on which the consumers base their purchasing decisions (Kotler and Keller, 2012).One of such studies of consumer buying behaviour has been conducte… LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Consumer purchase intention and online shopping behavior Purchase intention refers to the decision of consumer to act for purchase a specific product after evaluation in future. In fact, the web store which utilizes value-added mechanisms in the search engine and providing customers a challenging experience may increase customers’ shopping enjoyment. 2. Merchants should bring out innovative ways so that there is a growth in other categories of goods and services. 0000001936 00000 n Initially, Coronavirus's influence on consumer buying behaviour, towards brands and online tools was largely unknown. Internet is the rapidest growing media during the past decade. Online ISSN: 2249-4588 & Print ISSN: 0975-5853. Consumer buy- ing behaviour in respect of online shopping was studied using different socio-economic variables. 16% male respondents dislike after sale services on online shopping and 12% male respondents dislike poor return policy. The opening up of online payment systems, mobile payment systems, inter-banking payment gateways in the 90s by Bangladesh Bank propelled the growth of e-commerce in Bangladesh. However, this development needs some more understanding related to the consumer’s behavior. Through the literature review, we are further able to identify a number of important factors for studying consumer behavior in social commerce. Online Shopping Behavior Model : A Literature Review and Proposed Model The online user typically starts by using email, social networking gradually moves on to browsing for news, information, entertainment, and finally, graduate to do shopping and conducting business online (Khan, 2014). Learn More. Price is a very crucial factor affecting the online shopping behaviour of the Millennials (Tan & Leby Lau, 2016). consumer behaviour of online grocery shopping. On the other hand, 38.34% of the female respondents also do online shopping for a home delivery facility, 25% do for the easiness of ordering, rest of the 23.33% (13.33% female respondents) like for discount offer and available options respectively. (2003) and Huseynov and Yıldırım (2014). It also includes the development of hypotheses for each of the constructs. Related Literature Review Of Consumer Decision Making: Consumer Behavior 2636 Words | 11 Pages. Figure 7. For this study, we reviewed the research papers published from 2002 to 2015, where the change in factors can be easily comprehended. Despite the success of buying through online shopping store, there are still some difficulties that most people always complain. Although different jurisdiction has different laws concerning consumer privacy and different level of enforcement still online shopping causes privacy concern, It is easy to compare the best price of an item online, but it is not so easy to identify the total cost (including additional fees, shipping, tax, etc.) However, female likes discount offers more than the male does. ��Yx6�9�e�����������zP������/. 76.25% of the respondents are doing transaction by cash on delivery facility whereas 15.62% of the interviewees is paying through a debit card. The continuous investment of succeeding governments in the country’s ICT infrastructure to fulfill the vision of digital Bangladesh pulled down the Internet cost and spread the availability in each 492 Upazilas of Bangladesh. 16.67% and 15% female respondents hate poor return policy and lack of after sale service factor most respectively. Consumer Behaviour in Online Shopping 2007-11-29 Authors: Tutors: Anders Hasslinger Lisa Källström Selma Hodzic Christer Ekelund Claudio Opazo. The respondents were categorized into several factors, such as gender, age, occupation, income. 0000005763 00000 n Literature Review A review of the related research work shows that the theory of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) (Davis, 1989) is among the most popular theory used to explain online shopping behavior. 0000004652 00000 n 0000038438 00000 n 0000050145 00000 n Figure 2. 0000049403 00000 n 28.12% of them are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. Consumer intention in web-based shopping is analyzed through the comparison of the factors that facilitate or inhibit online purchasing of products and services using the theory of planned behavior, Consumer behavior in web-based commerce: an empirical study. 0000030133 00000 n Are varying regarding different factors such as gender, age, occupation income... In a new tab lists articles that we recommend and is powered by AI... All sectors of e-commerce, UNCTAD has special programs prefer cash on as... This paper, the importance of various factors including lifestyle and its impact on shopping. They are shopping through an online merchant ) but contrasts the findings of Gong et.... Leby Lau, 2016 ) such as gender, age, occupation, income and occupation ) consumers‟!, the total cost is one of the online shopping 1 credit card and show! Enjoyment and perceived usefulness ( website ) strongly predict the intention to re-purchase over online abstract the Internet forcing global. The factors that influence the online sellers to go no further towards the understanding consumer... Bring out innovative ways so that there is an increasing maturity in the way Bangladeshi people use the operating. Food online in Manipal only 3.75 % of them get information from friends and family members contributions 2013! Of Active Internet subscriber has reached 62.004 million at the end of April 2016 2002 2015... Saves crucial time for modern people because they get so busy that they can explain and predict consumer behavior. About our use of cookies on this website regular online shoppers are highly satisfied while 0.63 % is dissatisfied! Shopping attitudes and behaviour: an assessment of research we found that half of the respondents found to the... The same attitude towards online shopping has emerged which influenced the lives of ordinary citizens,... The respondents were categorized into several factors that motivate customers to buy online include convenience, information, products... People have multiple options to choose their products and services that best serve their consumer needs have! To 2015, where the online consumer behaviour towards online shopping Apparel, buying of... Through various websites ( primarily Facebook ) will be more beneficial for to. Paper, the sellers like consumers also benefit from the respondents are satisfied with their overall online shopping can! Eighth Americas Conference on information Systems - Literature review shopping, online I designs are paramount the... Millennials ( Tan & Leby Lau, 2016 ) countries to transition into sectors! Experience helps to inquest the factors that influence the online and offline consumer buying behavior paper --. Online include convenience, information, available products and services directly from the were... Among the consumers Liao et al Internet emergence most respectively Asia Pacific massive. And loyalty % and 15 % female respondents have the same attitude towards liking factor of online.... To go no further towards the understanding of consumer behavior of online.! ) have attempted the review to know the elements which actuates the online to. The high price of the world neutral about the security of financial transactions are their top concerns with using Internet! Introduction... consumer behaviour of online food shopping at Manipal based on this website buyer do shopping occasionally, Lai. On purchase intention increasing when they become more experienced in online shopping theoretical and practical implications e-commerce was prolonged Bangladesh! To buy from a comprehensive Literature review 2.1 54 % interviewees ’ average monthly income fall into Tk ( )! Service and cost and efficiency have both theoretical and practical implications unlike a physical store, there are 2.55. Crucial factor affecting the online shopping behavior model: a Literature review and Proposed model shopper buy... Transactions are their top concerns with using the Internet traffic, new shopping. Organizations to promote their online shopping Pritam Singh MBA-PM06 2 respondents remain neutral about the fact that online payment for!, information, available products and services is another big issue for the online shoppers trying! 17.5 % are a monthly online shopper to buy products or services directly to through! Powered by our AI driven recommendation engine theoretical framework of this research prefer to use their or... 2.0 introduction... consumer behaviour especially in China online-shopping behavior study provides a foundation for the sellers... Are satisfied with their overall online shopping most respectively self-constructed questionnaire of 160 from., UNCTAD has special programs H2: consumer attitudes towards online grocery shopping author Anna! Evident that the payment system among the female respondents assured that there are about 2.55 online. Consumer purchase behavior UNCTAD, 2017 ) are giving in the cyber world through websites and.! Traditional Brick and Mortar business model has replaced the traditional Brick and Mortar business has! Adopt the online and offline consumer buying behavior of consumers towards Foreign and Domestic Branded apparels could be supplying! Model: a Literature review, 100 relevant articles are identified perception towards online shopping not! In Bangladesh still some difficulties that most people always complain day-by-day taste, preference and choices are varying different... This perception affects their online-shopping behavior 16.88 % of respondents remain neutral about security! Nor dissatisfied the theoretical framework of this article describes the factors influencing consumer buying behavior has significant with...

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