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Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Once clipped together, shed foundations made of plastic are very heavy-duty and create a solid foundation. For most, pouring a concrete slab is more than they can handle and a professional will have to be hired. Additional Charges. The resins used in a plastic bases for sheds are also UV-resistant to protect them from becoming brittle in the sun as other plastics do. We’ve discussed all of the important information you need to know about the benefits and drawbacks of plastic shed foundations, as well as how to install one. 00 $619.99 $619.99 We’ll assume each shed foundation is 6” deep with gravel. Required fields are marked *. Most sheds will be under this size so one pack should perform your whole project. Potentially, you could stack them on top of each other to get a higher rise, but this could introduce stability issues. Every square of the CrazyGadget plastic grid has gravel hold-downs that will help secure the base once it’s filled. We used the EcoBase Fastfit, and to be honest, this is suitable for most people’s domestic needs. There’s no moving it once it’s done, and even removing it would be a major headache. Since a plastic foundation is comprised of so many interlocking squares, there are many more points of contact for your shed to lay on than with other types of foundations. There are plenty of other things it has going for it too: There are a couple of types of EcoBase to choose from; the EcoBase Fastfit, and the heavy duty EcoBase Static. One set of this grid covers an area that’s 8’X6’. They’re also UV-resistant so they won’t get brittle or damaged from long exposure to the sun. Go row by row installing one piece at a time. Once this was done, we used the string line levelling method to level the ground. I'm a Web Developer and Designer with a strong passion for UX/UI design. Finally, ensure you have a way to attach the shed to the ground such as an auger style anchor. Unfortunately, the clips are a bit finicky and didn’t mount as well as hoped and no instructions were included to clarify. That said, once filled up to the top with gravel they were very secure and didn’t feel like there was much chance of them moving. More than just for safety and longevity, it’s also code. After spending a fair amount on the shed I wanted it to be looked after. If you’re using a weed barrier make sure you lay this out first so the grid will go on top. This means you’ll be able to cover 40 square feet with one pack. Plastic Shed Base Comparison by: John - Admin Hi Claudia, Thanks for your question. These plastic tiles are anti-microbial so you should experience any mold or mildew issues with them. Our shed doors still open and close, which is a good test to know if it has remained pretty level! The #1 priority regarding a plastic shed base foundation is to prepare a solid level substructure for the shed to stand on whilst raised slightly above the grounds floodplain level to avoid the shed being sat … It is an alternative to concrete shed bases, with the main advantage of … When constructing a shed on a concrete base or even paving slabs, the solid nature of the foundation leaves no room for air to reach the underside of the shed. A resin shed foundation, on the other hand, sets up quick and easy and requires very little labor. garden shed base grid 2.5m x 2m suits 8x6 sheds & 8.5x7 feet sheds = full eco kit + heavy duty membrane - plastic eco paving slab bases & driveway grids 4.5 out of 5 stars 57 £89.99 £ 89 . It is lightweight, so it’s really easy to get into your garden and move around. This product works in all soils and climates. The edges of each sheet feature interlocking tabs that snap together with no tools and require very little pressure. Concrete absorbs water and eventually sweats it out, which can corrode and rust nails as well as introducing water to the wood of your shed which is prone to warping and rotting. This means your shed will last longer and you’ll experience far fewer issues down the line. Little … Simply dump your gravel into an area and use the hoe to spread it out. They can even be filled with dirt and grass and used to make a level field. Since a plastic shed base is built in a grid pattern, there is plenty of room for air to reach up underneath the foundation to ventilate the wood or metal at the base of your shed. This makes it environmentally friendly as well as heavy duty. 8ft x 8ft Plastic Shed Base – Brenda’s Review. They can be filled with gravel, sod, or dirt, so you can use them to build anything from a driveway, to a field, or a shed. After spending a fair amount on the shed I wanted it to be looked after. 6’x4′ Forest Overlap Apex Pressure Treated Shed with Lean-To. This should be plenty to fit a small shed on and you won’t need to order any more unless you wish to build a shed that’s larger than that. A plastic shed foundation is comprised of plastic pieces that snap together quick and … Luckily, a new option has emerged that solves many of the problems of a concrete foundation. Moreover, they won’t rot or release chemicals into the ground either, so it’s safe for all of nature. It will automatically fill each hole of the grid as you move it. Luckily, this Eco Deck product is UV stable, so even with years in the heavy sun it shouldn’t get damaged or brittle. If you have one available, use a tamper to solidify everything and help make sure it’s level and compact. Since these are built from a thinner recycled plastic, I’d suggest really packing it well and taking great care to ensure it’s solid before beginning the build process. If shed/gazebo location is more than 100 ft from where delivery truck can pull up there will be an additional $30 minimum carrying charge – additional charges may apply for land and … You only need to do this round the edges of the shed, going under where the shed will sit by just a few inches. Concrete is the foundation material by which all other shed bases will be measured. 8×12 storage shed – this is a popular small prefab storage shed … A: Our plot for the EcoBase is 7m x 4.5m (so just over 30m2) and the grid cost a total of £578 including VAT. The X-anchors will secure the entire plastic base when pea gravel is used to fill them, no staking needed. That said, this rectangular shape may be more suitable for certain projects, so it’s something to keep in mind. It is very light and easy to move around; we simply unrolled it and trimmed the edges a little larger than our plot. Stakes are not included, so they’ll need to be purchased separately. So for us, it was almost 3 times less expensive! They’re strong enough to build driveways and patios which both withstand much harsher abuse. We used 1 ton of sharp sand which cost £45 and 1 ton of polar white gravel which cost £140 pounds. Light Enough To Move – … I would recommend the base itself as it was pretty easy to lay These are eco-friendly plastics that can be recycled once again when you’re finished with them, perpetuating the positive cycle more. With a foundation made from plastic, you have the freedom to move it anywhere at any time. The plastic shed base is a relatively new option for forming a shed base but is one that has definite advantages. A plastic shed base can be installed by almost anyone, so you can also save the money you would have spent on a professional. Plastic Storage Sheds: Easy to install, durable and maintenance free buildings from Lifetime, Palram and Suncast! It comes in an 18-pack that covers 72 square feet. Since they’re so lightweight, you’ll need to stake the grids down before filling them so the gravel doesn’t just come out from the bottom. The TRUEGRID PRO PLUS has a depth of 1.8 inches and an overall size of 24”X24”. This is expensive, laborious, and time-consuming. Some plastic sheds can be shipped to you at home, while others can be picked up in store. A large push broom can be very effective for the second part of this once all the holes are mostly filled. DuraGrid DT40BEIG Outdoor Modular Interlocking Multi-Use Tile, TRUEGRID PRO Plus (1.8" Depth) Permeable Pavers, TRUEGRID PRO LITE (1" Depth) Permeable Pavers, Standartpark - EasyPave Grid - 2" Depth Permeable Paver System, Standartpark 2" Thick Geo Grid Ground Grid, Techno Earth ( 1.9" Depth ) Permeable Grass Pavers, DuraGrid DT40BEIG Outdoor Modular Interlocking Multi-Use Deck Tile, TRUEGRID PRO Plus 1.8-inch Depth Permeable Pavers. There are still several options available for you, and these are the two that I think are your best bets. Filled or empty, the Standartpark EasyPave Grid has an 88,000-pound load capacity. This may result in the finished shed being out of place from where you planned. We then hung a line level in the middle of each straight bit of string and lifted it up or down on the posts until it was level. Once you have removed the top layer, it’s time to level it out. One of the biggest disadvantages of a traditional foundation is that once it’s laid, it’s permanent. The TRUEGRID PRO is available in two versions, PLUS and LITE. 16 x CrazyGadget® GRASS GRID Black Plastic Paving Driveway Grid Turf Grass Lawn Path Gravel Protector Drainage Mat… In fact, you can even take it apart if you’re careful with the interlocking tabs, and reassemble it somewhere else. These days, great plastic sheds look like something that has jumped straight out of a fairytale. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Eugene has been a DIY enthusiast for most of his life and loves being creative while inspiring creativity in others. 10x14x0.5 = 70; 70/27 = 2.6 cubic yards or 3.6 tons of gravel Once moisture accumulates in the base timber of your shed it will have no way of drying out without any ventilation. These plastic pavers are available in packages of 20, 50, 100, or 300 square feet, depending on how much space you need to cover. So our total cost was £763 pounds. Transparent customer reviews for Shed Base Company | 4.8 from 142 customer reviews, experiences and testimonials for | All ratings, customer reviews, experiences and testimonials - collected independently by eKomi from real buyers. The EcoBase Fastfit is the most common, and has been designed with self-fastening push connectors so that each grid can easily be slotted onto the next one. Posted on June 27, 2017 February 7, 2019 Author Callum Robinson Comment(0) With the recent heatwave that took the UK completely by surprise, there is no better time to be sorting out your garden. Once you remove any anchors and gravel that are holding it down, you can simply pick it up and move it. There’s also no dry time, so once it’s set up you’re ready to build! Once all of your grid pieces are installed, connected, and leveled, it’s time to fill it all with gravel and make it permanent! Making matters worse, no instructions are included, so the chances of snapping off a tab is increased. At 1.9 inches high, these plastic pavers are the perfect height to make a base for a shed. So its now been around 18 months since we laid our EcoBase and we can happily say that’s its still going strong! What are the shipping options for plastic sheds? We offer grids as shed bases, for driveway parking spaces, as access road surface supports & eco-friendly building base … We tucked the edges in around the grids when we laid the EcoBase itself. A: Yes – we spent a total of £763 for the EcoBase and associated materials. Each piece is about 20”X20” and a pack contains four which will equal 11 square feet once laid out. You may need to create holes in the plastic though because the existing holes are likely too small to fit an anchor through. PROBASE SHED BASE - GUARANTEED BEST PRICE | ULTRA-STRONG Shed Foundation | Genuine Pro-BASE plastic grid shed base | FREE 24hr delivery | 25-YEAR Warranty | Official UK STOCKIST It is an alternative to concrete shed bases, with the main advantage of being a lot cheaper! (and it looks nice!). your garden shed can simply be installed on the EcoBase with no gravel, however it should help water drainage to add gravel around the edges. It’s nearly as strong as a concrete slab, and it’s even less susceptible to the elements. Once your grid is installed and filled, you can secure it to the ground with anchors. W x 99.4 in. That said, you still won’t want to mount your shed on an incline, so it’s best not to place your plastic shed base on uneven ground. Over the past four decades we have … As mentioned, there are two types of EcoBase. If you have any questions let us know in the comments , Your email address will not be published. It won’t later leak water onto your wood or fasteners and cause premature damage from the elements. 99 Who really wants to carry a dozen or more heavy cement blocks from the truck to the backyard? L x 89.9 in. Even if your shed base is filled with pea gravel and solidly held to the ground, the shed on top still needs to be secured so it can’t move. Our second contender is also from Keter, one of the largest manufacturers of plastic garden sheds. Carefully snap the interlocking tabs on one side of your grid to the tabs of the adjacent piece. Made of sturdy steel… If you want to follow along with us, below is our entire shopping list for this project including materials and tools: This was by far the hardest part of the job for us. This is enough to cover an area that’s 9’X17’ total. If you pour a concrete slab, you’ll have to finish it and allow ample drying time. We are a UK family who love a bit of DIY! So if you are planning on using the EcoBase and want to know how it stands up to the weather (and a big shed!) We hope this review has proved useful to you, and we will of course update it as the years go on so you can see if it stands the test of time. They can be jacked (up or down) even after your building has been assembled… perfect for new build properties, or for unstable areas which may be liable to sinking, settling or tree … These contact points are much closer together than what you’d get using concrete blocks for the foundation. Thanks to the interlocking grid design of a resin foundation, there is nowhere for a rodent to crawl in and get to the bottom of your shed. That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck if you live overseas in the UK. An 8’X10’ shed will need two packs to cover enough area. H; Storage Capacity: 712 Cubic Ft. Resin Construction Won't Corrode and is Resistant to Rodents, Rot, and Decay Building a shed is a simple enough process, once you get past the foundation. Posted on June 27, 2017 February 7, 2019 Author Callum Robinson Comment(0) With the recent heatwave that took the UK completely by surprise, there is no better time to be sorting out your garden. you have come to the right review! This results in the weight of the shed being spread out and evenly distributed across all the points of contact. Since each square of the grid is pretty sizable, you should have no problem attaching your shed to the ground beneath. On one hand, being lightweight is an advantage for all the reasons described above. Items like your lawn mower, rake, shovels, gardening tools, flower pots, outdoor furniture, cushions, pool toys and supplies, grilling accessories, and sports equipment are ideal items to keep in a shed.But you needn’t stop there. We simply started in one corner of the plot and worked along the edge clipping the grids together. Once the ground was level, we added a thin layer of sharp sand to even out a few lumps and bumps in the soil. We also think it looks a bit prettier with this too! Traditionally the most popular shed base in the UK. We are proud to offer high-quality recycled plastic grids for many different purposes. How much do plastic sheds cost? Plastic shed bases are relatively new, and they provide many advantages over traditional concrete foundations. A: No. Keter Factor 6x3 Outdoor Storage Shed Kit-Perfect to Store Patio Furniture, Garden Tools Bike Accessories, Beach Chairs and Push Lawn Mower, Taupe & Brown 4.1 out of 5 stars 494 $449.00 $ 449 . Be sure to continue filling until each hole is filled to the very top. Made with weather-resistant resin with steel reinforcement. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … Every part of a plastic shed is designed for a purpose. This is all very time-consuming. Each pack contains 20 pieces, which is enough for five square meters. Plastic has become a large and necessary part of our way of life it is used in many different applications within in civil engineering and is widely used in road construction. The TRUEGRID PRO LITE comes in a 1-inch depth with the same 24”X24” dimensions of the PLUS. With a lifespan of 60 years, you can rest assured that your plastic shed base will lead a very long and productive life devoid of maintenance issues. Our range of shed bases provide a level support frame to build your shed on and also raises the floor to prevent water damage. You’ll need a shovel, hoe, and level for preparing the ground prior to installation. Using the hoe and shovel, remove and add dirt as necessary to get the area as close to even and level as possible. They’re made of recycled polyethylene that’s supersonically welded together. More than just a shed base, they can be used to build parking lots, sidewalks, and more. Q: How much did your EcoBase cost in total? As you keep installing each piece, take the level out and make sure it’s still even. Designed to be taller than the competition, the Standartpark plastic pavers are 2 inches deep. The only negative we have seen with this system is with the membrane – we have had a few weeds pop up where we store our bins, but a bit of weed killer has tackled these pretty rapidly. Plastic shed bases also have an impressive weight-bearing capacity with many being able to hold a load of 500 tonnes per square metre. so this wouldn’t be an issue for most domestic uses. Each pack includes 160 square feet of Geo Grid. Tough and easy to install, the CrazyGadget Plastic Grid is an excellent choice for a shed base if you’re located in the UK. The grid shape in which they’re installed adds extra strength and makes them able to support weight similar to a cement foundation. If one breaks, you won’t be able to connect that side to another tile anymore. If you do not have enough storage outdoors to keep your valuable possessions, you ought to consider getting this shed… Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Suncast 8' x 10' Tremont Storage Shed - Outdoor Storage for Backyard Tools and Accessories - All-Weather Resin Material, Transom Windows and Shingle Style Roof at How much do plastic sheds cost? With a strength rating of 1885 pounds per square foot, the Standartpark Geo Grid is strong enough to use for driveways and parking lots, so a garden shed or tool shed will be no problem. It has a total capacity of 378 cubic feet, which is more than enough to store big appliances like lawn mowers and snow blowers. Even better, the push and lock connection system makes sure that your pavers will never disconnect or migrate from each other, even under the heaviest of loads. 16 x CrazyGadget® GRASS GRID Black Plastic Paving Driveway Grid Turf Grass Lawn Path Gravel Protector Drainage Mat… A plastic shed base is cheaper, less labor-intensive, and not susceptible to water damage. This is a wonderful series … ), It can take a lot of weight – check out this quick. A plastic shed foundation is comprised of plastic pieces that snap together quick and easy and don’t require screws or nails to hold it together. Once all of this is complete, you can simply install your shed (or whatever you are putting on top) as you would on a concrete base. We had a couple of quotes to have a concrete base poured, and these were both around the £2000 mark. The pad style plastic shed base, when laid on a solid level surface can produce a base that is almost as strong and supportive as a poured concrete. Plastic Shed Base Review I was looking around at options on what to sit our new shed on, and there was so many of them! We’ve covered a lot of ground in this article, if you’ll excuse my pun! Once snapped together, the plastic base forms a grid pattern. This means that a plastic shed base is more environmentally friendly than a foundation built of concrete. Currently unavailable. Whether that be planting some flowers, a little landscaping or installing a new shed … This is strong enough to safely allow cars and trucks to drive on top, so the weight of a shed is minimal in comparison. Q: Do you have to add gravel to the EcoBase? This will allow you to keep the grids full while removing the gravel that’s over the top. Plastic has become a large and necessary part of our way of life it is used in many … 12ft x 8ft Plastic Shed Base Customer Review Posted on March 9, 2017 February 7, 2019 Author Callum Robinson Comment(0) If you are already a shed or cabin owner with a wooden base… Welcome to the tribe! This characterful shed provides two … Let’s look at several examples to get an idea of how much gravel each shed foundation will need. One effective method of anchoring your shed to the ground beneath the base is to use auger style shed anchors. 1 ton bag of sharp sand from Travis Perkins, 10 woodworking tools for beginners – create this toolkit for £500, Ikea Malm Hack – beach house themed chest of drawers tutorial. At 3.5cm high, there’s plenty of space to pack gravel in so make sure to take advantage and stuff in as much as you can for maximum stability. Stick around for tons of DIY's including Ikea Hacks, garden projects, tool reviews, room makeovers and  a few crafts and recipes thrown in too! A plastic shed base can be laid on grass, or a bed of sand or pea shingle, eliminating the need for expensive excavation and concrete pouring or constructing a wooden base. It’s built with heavy-duty plastic that can easily withstand the weight of a shed since it’s strong enough to be used for driveways and parking lots. For more information on how to anchor your shed check out my article about how to anchor a shed. There are no signs of rot on our shed, so the EcoBase system seems to be draining water well. I have yet to do a detailed point for point comparison of the two systems. Eastern Shed Company is a family owned business that provides a complete line of storage sheds, cabanas and gazebos to customers throughout New England. We have a lot of heavy tools and plenty of wood in our shed and log store, and we haven’t seen any signs of sinking/subsidence, so weight doesn’t seem to be a problem for this shed base.

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