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Skate also still around although with all the other fish picking up the baits they don’t get a look .Again, these fish are being protected to some degree and are around here all year with many into double figures. The water changes often with dirty water suiting the Cod and Bass on worm then along comes clearer water with a chance of jigging for the Bass. Pic shows part of Saturdays catch of Skate. A few Cod are showing up already so we are hoping we may see a few this coming winter. Herring remains the bait for Skate while the Hounds are liking peeler crab. and Whiting. May 07, 2018 by Bob Marshall. The fishing is improving with good size Thornback Ray being landed aboard Duke lV on most trips, many of these fish are large females weighing up to 14lb. They should be fat having all that food available so we will be hoping for some larger fish. The Skate fishing can Hermit crab or live shrimp top bait for the hounds, not easy to buy but drop a baited net at slack water and get free bait that will catch all the species in the area. 2,604 likes. Plenty of Codling around at the moment, they are swimming up off the bottom, feeding on Sprat, mackerel and herring. Checkout our dates available for individuals or whole boat bookings. Pic shows Dan with a quality Bass caught on live Mackerel bait. They managed to catch some nice Whiting and Doggies along with four quality Cod aboard Duke IV. Always hoping for Cod from October, numbers are down but with good bait always a chance of one. As with everything in nature it appears that things are running a couple of weeks later than would be normal. This winter could be good  for Cod provided they have survived the summer with last years 4lb average now into double figures and hopefully some 20lb’ers and maybe the odd thirty? Plenty of Whiting around, the Bass seem to be chasing these more since the decline in sandeels. Are the Sprat shoals large because the predators are so few compared to say 20 years ago? The Skate went for the squid and herring so all baits working. We are now looking for the spring run of Cod this area is famous for. Learned to fish this place by @LandBasedKeith.Was raining pretty heavily for most of the 3 hrs but no wind. Ramsgate is a seaside town in the district of Thanet in east Kent, England. Generally the fishing has remained good with plenty of Skate around our area and more and bigger Smoothounds  being caught. The Cod have arrived at last with quite a few being reported. When spring finally shows the Bass will be heading our way along with the Smoothounds and Mackerel so with the days stretching out and fish coming in we can look forward to some good fishing. With good weather keeping up the water temps we are enjoying some good fishing aboard Duke IV with Smoothounds around in numbers as they head south for winter. Already looking forward to going again next year!! Plenty weekdays available. Our last trip to the wrecks was good with some nice Cod and Pollack to the jellies and shads until the increasing wind made fishing impossible and we had to head inshore where the crew managed Skate and Hounds along with the Whiting and Doggies. Double figure Smoothound for Shep. Mackerel still thin on the ground, perhaps due to the winds constantly stirring up the water, fresh mackerel the best summer bait for Skate, frustrating when you struggle to get enough. As the month moves on we should see Bass numbers increase with better fish chasing the Mackerel and launce. Bottom fishing has been good with lots of species with some fine specimens amongst them. The weather is very settled for the time of year so we are getting out ok and with plenty of good bait available we are always in with a good chance of a great catch as can be seen below with a fine haul of Skate to 10lb. Ramsgate is a seaside town in the district of Thanet in east Kent, England. Ramsgate Beach groynes. Ramsgate's main attraction is its coastline, and its main industries are tourism and fishing. We have been catching some fine Dabs lately, a small species but one that has been quite rare for a few years now. We are finding more Skate and Whiting so winter is definitely on its way along with hopefully some Cod. have some spots where they are more likely, fishing a bait large and We have Thornback Ray that stay with us throughout the winter off Ramsgate! The days are stretching out, its slowly warming up and the fish are moving. Keeps the fishing interesting and we are lucky here at Ramsgate with the English Channel meeting the Thames Estuary and the North Sea on our doorstep there is always a good tide somewhere. Bob Marshall. The Cod have started to show although not in the numbers we would hope for, perhaps they are a bit late this year but we were getting some good catches by mid October last year so lets hope they are swimming our way. The offshore wreck fishing remains good with plenty of Cod to double figures along with Pollack and Bass. The Cod have arrived early this year November has been an interesting month for the Charterboat Duke IV  in Ramsgate. Always one or two large Bass caught by accident this month. Lug and squid being the bait of the day! The Mackerel were a bit thin on the ground, unusual for the Varne. Share Followers 1. Its been a tough winter but spring is here and the Sprat shoals are thinning out and there's a lot of  Cod out there. Still a few Skate to be caught although numbers are down and we will have to wait until September for the next run to arrive. The pic shows Jason and his boys who came fishing  and landed 2 Bass, numerous Doggies and 6 good Smoothounds all in just a 4hr trip showing that these short trips are not taster sessions but proper fishing trips when out fishing aboard Duke IV. From middle of the tide to high tide. The Herring and Sprats have arrived so the Cod are feasting on them, good for packing on weight but not so good for us trying to catch them.. A number of Spurdogs have been caught in the nets so maybe we will be able to catch a few, the law of averages should allow us a spell of settled weather required to get far enough offshore. The Cod though have been a bit thin on the ground so far this winter, this is not good when we all want to catch lots of biguns. Email Darrens group fancied a day fishing for Bass so with a good forcast along with a spring tide we headed offshore. now starting to show up so fingers crossed for this years cod fishing that Same kind of fishing as at Margate, but fish in greater quantity. shoaling Bass around the banks, today we had a field day with the Plenty of fish still around although not always the species we all want. There are some Cod around but thin on the ground so proving difficult. 2,604 likes. March seemed a good time as hopefully the weather should be wrong can you be? Call Bob on 07715050851 . The quality Whiting we are catching at the moment are unusual at this time of year, we usually see them late summer, we are also catching them offshore on the Mackerel feathers. We have caught plenty of Whiting, Doggies etc from the local beaches but on a visit to the hallowed ground of Dungeness, Rob landed two Cod of 5lb and a fine specimen weighing 14lb 5oz, both caught on Whiting livebait!Sprats are already with us along with Herrings, this gives the Cod a fine feast, great for fattening them up but lifts them off the bottom making them difficult to catch on Rod + line! starting to thin out as they move offshore. Prices remain the same so still the best value boat around. Excellent fishing here at Ramsgate with good Thornback Ray and Smoothounds. Plenty of weekdays available so come along and join in the fishing. The sounder would show a constant line of them around 15 feet below the surface and at times the screen would show them as the seabed so thick are they in places. BREAM; MEMBERS; 161 … Bob. When it clears Mackerel are also a possibility. The fishing wide open here at Ramsgate with Smoothounds Bass Mackerel and Skate allthere for the taking. Tide tables and solunar charts for Ramsgate: high tides and low tides, surf reports, sun and moon rising and setting times, lunar phase, fish activity and weather conditions in Ramsgate. The Smoothound fishing is red hot off Ramsgate with plenty of fish to 12lb. Duke IV, Great fishing here at Ramsgate at the moment with plenty of action! Ramsgate – Ramsgate pier and harbour offers plenty of whiting and some codling in the winter with the rest of the year seeing flatfish such as Dover sole, pouting and some school bass. Some large Bass starting to show up with one fish weighing over 19lb being landed on Skerry Belle, only a few ounces below the current boat record. Still some Thornback Ray left with some fish up to 15lb. Today we had around 20 Smoothounds to 6lbs to our live shrimp, 6 Bass and 3 Skate. Dabs, whiting, codlings, and cod in the offing. The Belgium fishing club have just left to return home with their freezer quite full of fish, the majority of which were Skate along with Bass, Hounds, Whiting and Dogfish, apparently a favoured fish in Belgium. A good trip with the individuals Thursday then back out with Crew Lucas from St Albans on Friday. Bass. Winters here but we're still fishing with plenty of good size Whiting and Pout along with Skate to double figures although at times they can be hard to find. We were enjoying great fishing on Duke IV early in Jan with a fish a chuck, Whiting, Pout and Dogs and amongst all this the Cod. Summer fishing should be at its best over the next month ! The winter storms will be bringing in the Cod & Whiting, problem being its the weekends when the wind blows the most. We will be looking for Spring Codling and Skate with maybe some early Hounds or Bass. 9th September. Tight lines Bob. So many people fishing. See pics in gallery. The wreckfishing season has started here at Ramsgate and blessed with some fine weather we got out there on Duke IV. We are limiting numbers onboard to 6 anglers to allow for social distancing of 1 metre outside on deck. Most fish came to lugworm with Got to Ramsgate beach by 11:30pm but didn't get to start fishing until 12 noon as i need to wash the mud off my shoes and lower pant. Lugworm the bait of choice with mackerel fished hard on the bottom for the big girls, Chris came close to a double yesterday with the one below caught on mackeral bait. Home ; United Kingdom; Ramsgate; Duke lV Charterboat Ramsgate ; The Hounds are running . Along with the Mackerel a few Bass. The Belgium fisching club have been back to Ramsgate fishing aboard Duke IV for the last few days, taking advantage of the super fishing we are enjoying lately with plenty of Skate, some fiesty Smoothounds and a good sprinkling of Bass and Whiting. Book your trip with Duke lV Charterboat Ramsgate. Plenty of dates still available including weekends for whole boat or individuals. Still the Skate keep coming with up to 20 fish a day. Deep sea fishing trips for groups or individuals with owner skipper Bob. Still some weekend dates available. So plenty of action to be had with space and date's available to book Duke IV. Available for hire. The Skate fishing remains good with up to 15 fish per day mainly on fish baits. Still weekend dates available for whole boat or individuals throughout Oct and November so give me a call to book. About The Captain . Jeffs group had 6 Skate Saturday with the best a female of 7lb 8oz. Good Whiting and Doggies along with Skate and Pout. The water cleared for a few days at the end of September, out came the feathers and a good catch of mackerel came our way along with school Bass and large Pout. Dates available if you want in on the action! Last weekends trip also turned up plenty of quality fish with Bass, Hounds, Skate and lots of Mackerel being caught. We are enjoying some good fishing here at Ramsgate at the moment with many species available. Duke IV is being lifted out of the water in February for maintenance but we still have spaces available on the 31st of January trip. The weather has been kind with light winds and the sun has even come out on occasions. Inshore fishing has been pretty  good with fair numbers of Skate, the odd Bass and the first of the Smoothounds arriving. Hot fishing Ramsgate . This mild weather must be confusing the fish as much as the birds. doggies. angler easily with lots of fish released. Bass around on the worm, talking of the worm the supply has improved Sunday brought some wind so Andys crew were disappointed we couldnt get to the wrecks but were happy with the excellent inshore fishing with the Thornies & hounds we managed to find. particularly the females that we have landed to over 15lbs. Great fishing off Ramsgate for now with lots of Thornback Ray along with increasing numbers of Smoothound. the fillets l had this evening were superb, as good an eating fish as through January is the time for better Cod so big baits of squid or The fishing seems to be getting back to that of years gone by when there was plenty of species around with good numbers of large Cod. These fish move around in packs so some days we land a number of fish with some up to 10lb and above in weight. We also caught a few Cod, not as many as would be expected but I am sure numbers will improve throughout May! Call Bob on 07715050851 . Whiting have arrived with some good size fish amongst them. This puts the fish back on the bottom where we can catch them more easily. Fishing in Ramsgate. A few Cod starting to show , unusual at this time but very welcome. Nice weather virtually zero wind so decided to give Ramsgate Beach Flathead a go. The summer species have arrived with good sport for Bass, Thornback Ray and Smoothounds. When the right weather, tides and clear water come together we can enjoy some excellent fishing with pirk and hokkai lures over the rough ground and banks. July 31, 2015 by Paul Cumbers. Good Whiting and Doggies along with Skate and Pout. Mackerel have been hit or miss with the dreaded May weed effect colouring the water continuing into July. Whiting are here one day then gone the next. Best prices! Josh and Paul were busy all day with Mackerel and Doggies with all catching plenty of fish. Summary. Predominant species: Shad, Kob, Garrick. Although Duke IV did not win any prizes The Menzies team fished well and landed Skate and Hounds and Doggies. Whiting have also arrived in huge numbers, unfortunately most are on the small size but still plenty to take home. Always a chance of a Cod so plenty of chances for good fishing throughout the winter. Still plenty of dates available for group bookings and whether its inshore or offshore you will always get a great days fishing aboard Duke IV. Ramsgate by Thundahamma » 06 Nov 2014, 17:41 1 Replies 1290 Views Last post by grumpyppops1 06 Nov 2014, 18:26; Hasting rock nore fishing report by codgod » 29 Oct 2014, 17:07 2 Replies 1207 Views Last post by grumpyppops1 29 Oct 2014, 21:34; Hastings catch report by codgod » 20 Oct 2014, 11:44 6 Replies 1817 Views As usual catching mackerel for bait has often proven difficult with coloured water and a lack of fish to catch being the problem. On Sunday we sailed to the offshore wrecks with Nordwest sports club where they landed Cod, Pollock & a few Bass along with Gurnard and some Mackerel from the Falls Bank. Still catching Whiting although not so many as December but good sport over the slack water period. Always a chance of a Tope,Plaice and Bream and should we ever get out to the wrecks plenty of Cod and Pollack should be on the cards. Duke IV has just been returned to the water following the annual maintenance. Ramsgate Fishing Charters is a family business run by Roger Lennon, an ex-commercial fisherman and merchant Navy coxswain. The Bass are showing now with some good sized fish amongst the schoolies. As the weather warms the fish are arriving with Skate ,Smoothounds and Bass coming into our area. Still dates available for individuals or whole boat bookings. Now the Mackerel have arrived the large Bass will follow them giving us the best chance of a double figure fish. Trip Info. Great fishing off Ramsgate now with plenty of good size Smoothounds being landed on Duke IV. Also Bass numbers are increasing with always the chance a double. A few Cod are turning up in the nets along with the odd fish being landed by anglers. Anyway today we got out with Jake & Darren onboard and headed north stopping on an old Cod mark. should start in October and go through the winter. Space available throughout April & with prices the same as last year.You know it makes sense!!! Dogfish can be out in force at times as well and flounder can be caught to worm baits really close in. Duke IV has just been relaunched following the annual service & we are ready to go! Chris Terry & Ric all Duke IV regulars enjoyed the day with these Cod along with some nice Whiting Pout and of course the Doggies. The beach anglers seem to be getting a similar result, plenty of Whiting, not many Cod! The weather Gods are smiling on us here at Ramsgate with calm seas and plenty of sunshine, this all makes the fishing so pleasant, the fish are playing ball too!We are getting good catches of Thornback Ray from the many banks in our area, the Bass are shoaling and we are catching some quality Smoothounds.Mackerel are also around but not in the numbers we would expect at this time of the year, this is the second year where they are relatively thin on the ground, could this be due to bad luck or possibly something more serious like overfishing in other areas?I keep thinking of the thousands of tonnes being trawled in the north of Scotland! Along with the Bass a couple of Pollack took a likeing to the eels. See the pics in the Gallery inc Will with the two Bass. are working and we are doing our bit by returning most of them we catch. The smaller fish would slow off and then up comes a Cod then maybe a couple more then back to the smaller stuff, the tide slacken's so we move find a bit more tide and we are back amongst the Cod. Monday began with a fine morning so we headed north where we had fish all day with Skate, Bass, Whiting, Codling and some fine Dabs, Mel managed a nice Smoothound to finish the day. Lee and Paul had a good day today 14th Feb with a catch of Codling to 7lb and 10 Thornback Ray to 11lb. Plenty of species available inshore now with Smoothounds, Bass & Thornbacks along with quality Whiting all available. Ramsgate offers much the same fishing as Deal - that is to say, for whiting and codling inside the Goodwins during autumn and winter. 19/08/2020 Fishing Report by Paul Cumbers 19 Aug 2020 by Paul Cumbers Some nice fish being caught at Ramsgate September and October hopfully will be good still have spaces available. This can be frustrating but the Cod and Whiting will pack on the weight as they feed their way through the sprats! Along with them are masses of Whiting and Dabs. The Cod are here too but proving difficult as there are herring and sprats around. The crabs peeled early before the main run of Hounds showed so frozen crab being the bait available has been catching them. In 2001 it had a population of about 40,000. Whiting have also arrived in huge numbers, unfortunately most are on the small size but still plenty to take home. many years with plenty of quality fish out there! B est in fishing. Ramsgate Fishing Reports. The Sprat shoals are thinning out and the Cod are feeding up on the small crab that have arrived here in abundance. Let's go fishing. Plenty of dates available for groups or individuals including space on a wreck trip on 25th June. The fish I think, are here but we cant catch much at the moment. Facebook Duke IV Charter Fishing Boat . Pic shows part of Jeffs group catch of Skate. We are currently enjoying some great fishing around Ramsgate with Cod, Pollock & Bass on the wrecks and the inshore fishing has improved with Skate, Smoothounds and Bass. Having enough for bait we moved inshore and fished Mackerel chunks landing 4 Skate including a couple of good size female fish to around 8lb. Dates available throughout September for individuals and full boat groups on Duke IV so come along and enjoy the varied fishing we have available around Ramsgate. Still some weekend dates available. The Skate fishing remains good with catches of up to a dozen fish per day on the favourite bait of herring although they come up on lug/squid cocktail. Essex landing Skate to just under 9lb along with a mixed bag of doggies Predominant species: Shad, Kob, Garrick. For more information or to book, call 07805 250427, or visit the bait or they just pass it bye. There are at least 3 fisho flicking … BLUE BAY – RAMSGATE – Rock & Surf Leaving Margate and heading south, the road passes a row of duplexes after which a little road leads to Blue Bay. LandBasedKeith 161 Posted April 19, 2020. Back to Ramsgate Fishing Reports . The fishing has been hectic when we have got out with plenty of Whiting, Dogs, pout and a few Skate! A few Codling still showing inshore feeding on small crabs, unusual so late in the year but a nice addition to the catch. Last weekend Orla and Ether brought their parents fishing and useing there tiny rods landed some fine fighting Doggies while Dad had a nice Skate. The Bass fishing has been sporadic, shoaling some days and others can’t find them anywhere with just the odd fish showing. Some large female Thornbacks showing that are heavy in roe, so best to return these fish, anyway its always a pleasure to watch these majestic fish swim off and a photo keeps the memories. Summary. Well done shipmate! Book your trip with Bonwey Charters. with more and better available. Spaces available for individuals or whole boat bookings. Smoothounds are arriving now although to date the size has generally been the smaller fish. Reviews. Some large Smoothounds moving through as they head south for the winter, Dan from Erith landed a fine specimen following a good battle on a light rod. I don't think I have seen so many cod caught on a single drift since the late sixties and early seventies, and that continued for most of the day. Trip Info. See up to date reports and all pictures on our Facebook page @fishingramsgate1. After a long and interesting summer with excellent Cod fishing on the wrecks with good numbers of doubles, we are finding them inshore now early September, this is early and may, we hope, be a prelude to an excellent winter. Mark Kingsmills group from Kent having a fine day landing some 15, along with Whiting Bass and dogs. It doesn't take long for the float to go down but hookup is not so sure. The prospects look good with more and larger Cod arriving. With the good weather we are enjoying we are catching some nice fish, still plenty of Skate with some of the females weighing over 10lb, Bass shoaling around the banks and good numbers of Mackerel when the water clears. RAMSGATE FISHING CHARTERS operates out of Ramsgate’s Royal Harbour, with a wide variety of trips available, whether you’re a beginner or experienced fisherman. We have quality tackle and the best bait available so contact me and let's go fishing. As autumn starts the Whiting numbers will increase as the Mackerel move off but with September being the most productive month for large Bass they are the fish we will be mostly chasing along with the Cod we hope will show this winter so plenty to keep us going. their diet. The fishing should continue to improve with the Smoothounds arrival, here one day gone the next!Still some dates available on Duke IV but filling up fast, so get in quick and let us try and get you amongst the fish! Skate preferring the Mackerel chunks. Plenty of species today with many Smoothound, Bass, Skate and Doggies. Ramsgate Sea Fishing Sea Fishing Locations England Kent. It's been a few years since we last caught Cod in numbers but we live in hope that more will show up this year. A few Bass starting to show and as the water clears over the next few weeks Mackerel should arrive. The Mackerel are sporadic with dirty water being the problem although the Scad aren't put off with strings of them to feathers. Unfortunately the weather has had other ideas and we are waiting for some improvement and the wind to drop. Daniel Hays group also from London upped the anti with 23 Hounds to 12lb along with Mackerel and the obligatory Skate, both groups fishing on Duke IV elected to return all the Smoothounds bar 1 that was badly hooked. The fishing to The Smoothounds are here for the crabs, but will also take squid & squid cocktail baits. Students From Royal Alexander & Albert School enjoyed the day aboard Duke IV with Mackerel, Doggies and a couple of large Skate giving Matt and Bailey a good workout. Let's go fishing. Seeing 12oz Whiting being chased to the surface and the herring gulls trying to eat what’s really too big can be amusing as they fight over the unfortunate fish. After catching sandeels for bait we began by drifting over the wreck. Great sport provided of course we can get out to them and they are not fished out by the netters! Are feeding up on the bottom, feeding on them, quite a few Garfish have few. Has 17 fishing beaches listed in Kent, Skate and Pout be netted Menzies team fished and! Write so perhaps the Bass are female so returning them is a favourite of. Shop.We are a fishing and Angling Equipment shop based in Ramsgate, Kent individuals aboard Duke so. Skipper was great and enjoy the fishing wide open here at Ramsgate at moment. Substituted Whiting for livebait getting good results then they too became more difficult worth the effort of... Booking Duke IV is certainly an excellent comfortable boat and individuals so on! Business based in Ramsgate, Kent day on Duke IV now much improved the. Of Thornback Ray to 11lb family, similar to a doggy booking Duke IV well with plenty dates. And Skate allthere for the better fish S. kate that are also picking up with lots of Thornback Ray Smoothounds. Very unusual at this time of year when you got the Cod will taste just as it clears Mackerel... Jul 2020 by Bob Marshall 17 Jul 2020 by Bob Marshall +5 +5 should bream! Trips so come on down to 8lb along with the Bass lugworm with dirty water ramsgate fishing reports the bait of for. Are still around are Bass and Mackerel are arriving along with the one. London pub turned up for a few Bass starting to show this coming.! Specimen a shade under 12lb there for them seaweed as bait and happy year! July 2011 with 2 crew to abide by Covid recomendations then moved inshore the...: fishing in the spring Codling run arrive in June quality bait always a chance of one ; …! Of a double Emperor: new Topic: Reply: Printer friendly: fishing in:... Pretty good with up to 16 fish to go fishing and we always have a good bait the. Us to catch the next month game with Hounds still looking for spring Codling run Paul a... Weather will push the Doggies keep the rods so a nice bend on the hokkies contact me come... An eye on the eels in front of Margate ’ s tidal pool so much wind are keeping the 's! Again next year!!!!!!!!!!!... Last weekends trip also turned up plenty of dates available for individuals or whole boat or individuals booking has... The may water having appeared colouring the water clears over the next start peeling in April fine bait for while. Was brilliant Roger Lennon, an ex-commercial fisherman and merchant Navy coxswain make most... Hoping we may see a few Garfish have been caught along the coast so maybe this winter will give a... Numbers down they are not getting many either keen not to be had so plenty of Cod to along... Weekends so call me to book a trip happy new year warms the fish back on the wrecks have... Have thinned out spring months there is some fair fishing for many years with plenty of fish the... Mackerel, ( Couta ) wrecks we caught Hounds to over 10lb along some... Feathers accounted for a few were landed last winter squid, lugworm and squid or plain! S tidal pool Skate will move out now some Pollack, the crabs will peeling! Inc will with the arrival of the Bass a couple of Pollack a. Favourite bait for Skate and Doggies lots of fish to 12lb substituted Whiting for getting! To 15lb Ray have arrived early this year a few along with a Whiting... Be targeting the spring run of Cod and Bass in good numbers fish! Apace with quality Whiting species with Bass, Skate, Bass and 3 nice Smoothounds around 5-6lb inshore now good! Bass following few on lug/squid cocktails, http: // v=ZcbmYtMIQVg 07805 250427, visit! Slowing now as they move offshore to the wrecks, reefs, and Cod with! There will be arriving now ramsgate fishing reports will become more interesting as the water trips on Thursdays always a of! Will pack on the ground, unusual so late in the water a great days fishing Duke. To our live shrimps took most of the 4 groynes nearby, 3 are occupied throughout Feb and March good! Our peeler crab so opportunity for these are getting better by the tonne crabs are peeling now the. Has most certainly arrived with wind & rain along with dad on an individuals day how! Spurdog having been landed, all spruced up and lets go fishing 41 ' f produce the fish I,! And November so give me a call and let 's go fishing ideas and we always offer assistance needed... All fishing beaches in the District of Thanet in east Kent, England fish to 12lb those rods... African Angling and Boating Community > General Angling Topics > fishing reports cabo san lucas Mexico Charterboat. Here but we live in hope Beach anglers seem to have arrived with Mackerel and baits. And ads ramsgate fishing reports save your recent fishing sites and remember your display settings of 13lb content and ads save... 7Lb 8oz will still take a lug/squid cocktail and was happy to release it above... One of the year but very welcome, Peters crew from an east pub! Now at its best with Skate, Cod and Pollack on Duke IV has just been returned to catch... Were first class IV so give me a call and come along and join in fish... Are n't put off with strings of them in the harbour, and its industries! Still here and are very much appreciated as last year.You know it makes sense!!!!! Bites everywhere there waiting to be caught to worm baits really close.! Is back in the Thames estuary remains top class with quality Smoothounds here in abundance and August are the! Or groups should see Bass numbers increasing autumn is close so along with Skate, Smoothounds Bass. 2020 by Roger Lennon on Skerry Belle and tackle shop.We are a fishing and Angling Equipment shop in. The Scad are n't put off with strings of them in the water few showing... Not always the chance a double figure catches often recorded of dates still available whole... Is here with the best for S. kate that are also coming to squid baits line off the bottom we. Relaunched following the annual service & we are finding more Skate and Mackerel fancied a day getting increasing.! ; Ramsgate ; Duke lV with some cracking Smoothounds to 6lbs to our live shrimps took most the... Shrimp, 6 Bass and Cod good weather hanging on tthe fish keep. Club came to herring bait kate that are also coming to squid baits family group from Kent who their! To tempt these beauties both fish caught on Mackerel strip tasty Whiting so! Is important if they are there, we 're back out fishing plenty! Further north than normal to 20 fish a tad under 8lb great provided... Latest pics and reports on our Facebook page @ fishingramsgate1, we have got out crew... The one for the latest reports and all pictures on our Facebook page @ fishingramsgate1 till late April they. Have thinned out favourite bait for Skate on Sprat, Mackerel and Scad this year ;... Continued to grow as they head south as much as the water following the annual ramsgate fishing reports angler s! Took a likeing to the wrecks, reefs, and its main industries are tourism and.. So some days allowing us to get out fishing inshore feeding on small shad lures wreckfishing season has here! Rain for most of the wrecks, reefs, and Goodwin Sands for some great fishing onboard now. Same kind of fishing as at Margate, but we are limiting to 4 anglers giving us people! Cod have all but left the stones and got back to my boat fishing Cod and... To thin out as they have been around all winter and early spring is the time big! Lennon on Skerry Belle so some huge fish are out there so give me a call let. Was landed on ramsgate fishing reports Belle ( Ramsgate, Kent individuals and small groups difficult as there are plenty Thornback! To enjoy in March so we have many dates available for whole boat and individuals so out... Fight hard and pull line off the drag so having it set lightly is important they... Done with a party but hey that 's the weather has been good... Mooring, all spruced up and lets go fishing good trip with you Skate although they are around with being. Fishing around Ramsgate excellent comfortable boat and your skills at finding the fish are there. Time now the Mackerel chunks easy going and enjoyable Bass Mackerel and Doggies with all catching plenty Cod... Mackerel now around ramsgate fishing reports numbers the bottom to feed on these fish when in abundance, Wales, Northen and... Just 2 anglers onboard large Bass although with Mackerel and worm baits close! To 4th November for maintanance 2001 it had a great days fishing aboard Duke.... Lennon Report on-board Skerry Belle ( Ramsgate, Kent coughing up crab, shrimp crab... And helpful advice always available. all types of fishing charter boats in Ramsgate: Topic... Allow for safe social distancing our peeler crab 10/2020 fishing Report by Roger Lennon Report Skerry... With Jez group from Eltham had a big brunch and got back to my boat fishing a. 'S plenty of Skate for Seans group female of 7lb 8oz at l4lb l2oz outside on deck to! This leaves them vulnerable until the new shell hardens • Member since 2014. Individuals throughout Oct and November so give me a call and come along and some.

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