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Personal Capital showed a completed transaction that went through my checking account earlier that day, but Mint didn’t show it. I wouldn’t say that I love it, but its purpose is to help me track my spending and provide a clean view of all of my accounts. unfortunately PC doesn’t link with my 401K AON account … this is too bad as I have 25% of my NetWorth there. I updated to the new version but much to my chagrin no improvement (lesson learned. Wow, you totally didn’t cover the 2nd most important thing to me which is, “What do they do with your information?” You are giving them an enormous amount of personal information, are they doing anything to monetize it, give it away, keep it secure? With Mint you can change transaction dates when needed (for budgeting alignment). Plus right now Personal Capital has a great deal going on for readers: You can get a FREE portfolio review valued at $799. Maybe when I start investing more I’ll utilize Personal Capital though. Nor does it interface with TurboTax like Quicken does. Mint is a stronger budgeting app and Personal Capital is a better investment tracker. All products are presented without warranty. Verdict on budgeting – Mint is the obvious winner, Both Personal Capital and Mint let you link any investment accounts. Both are free tools, but Personal Capital is ad free because they make money by offering high-level investment services and wealth management tools for high net worth individuals. Honestly I haven’t tried that one out yet. I have both. From our testing, Mint's synchronization is not as reliable when compared to Personal Capital. For customer service – Personal Capital wins. It is a shame because the rest of the service is outstanding. I use my HSA as an stealth retirement account, but Personal Capital can’t seem to find it. Investor Junkie strives to keep its information accurate and up to date. No thanks to PC. I did reach out to them once about it and they indicated that they don’t support HSAs, and it seems like they haven’t added that functionality yet. How do the two programs compare as far as importing existing data from Quicken? Larry Ludwig was the founder and editor in chief of Investor Junkie. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We will focus on the follo… I thought you could have gone into more detail on that, but at least you covered it. I have issues with people using that information to personally contact me like that. Larry, this is a great article. Both Mint and Personal Capital have a feature to alert you on upcoming bills. Personal Capital users have not reported any issues reaching customer service or resolving issues. Don’t think PC does. I plan to smoke test it in the next few days. This makes Personal Finance (PC) worthless for budgeting. Would be great if you can take a look and offer your assessment. I became complacent that I am “in a good place” for someone my age and was more likely to splurge on things I didn’t need. I’ve been a long time Mint user (probably since 2008 or so) and the continuing syncing problems became the main reason I’m switching to Personal Capital. The point of money tracking apps is to make it easy to see everything in one place. Big time Mint Man… Haven’t tried out personal capital. I started with Mint years and years ago, when it was first becoming popular and have had it ever since. But every time I've contacted Personal Capital, I've gotten a quick response (less than 24 hours) to my questions. 13 Best Delivery Apps to Work For – Make $200/Day? Oooh, the second I read this headline I thought, “It’s on!” For me personally I prefer Personal Capital. As I'm sure you can guess, uses Intuit's synchronization service. Support has not always been useful as sometimes they made me delete an account and re add it losing valuable history but they have ALWAYS responded where as Personal Capital has been AWOL to all of my support requests. But it’s quick attempt to find out everything about me before I could find anything about it was a put-off for me. Personal Capital, of course, makes their money off of their paid advisor service. Looks like a startup but I really like their approach as they use Yodlee as well but instead of building a ton of custom software, they work with Google Sheets/Excel instead. I then delved into the cloud apps out there. This is a no brainer, but ideally, you have more coming in so you’re not running on a deficit. Mint offers Chat, but it’s more of an email supported help, and I’ve never found it incredibly helpful or fast. The financial tools Personal Capital … Mint sets a budget for you based on your spending habits, but you can build one on your own that helps you work towards your financial goals. The account linking, while comprehensive was a bit cumbersome as it took a few tries to find the “correct” link due to the many choices (Fidelity for example). Personal Capital I check about once a week to get a snapshot of my networth and the graphs of how our investments are doing. Thanks, Mint’s goal is to give you an overview of your finances by offering a variety of personal finance tools, like: They also offer investment tracking and goal setting tools, but they aren’t as robust as what Personal Capital offers. Here are a few highlights of budgeting with Mint: Personal Capital’s budgeting functionality is tied to your cash flow. Yeah it definitely seems that Mint is better at categorizing transactions. Most money tracking tools have a pretty similar sign-up process, and Personal Capital and Mint are no different. Is there anyone out there who’s successfully linked up an HSA with Personal Capital before? I like to see all my spending transactions as they come in and I make sure everything is categorized properly. But for my banking it’s pretty good so I can dump Quicken. Unlike Quicken, there's no local software to install, and you can access the service with any web browser or mobile device. After you’ve created your account, you’ll need to start linking your financial accounts. Glad you liked the post. I am looking for an alternative to quicken due to their recent 145% increase in pricing with annual support. If you already have an account with any other Intuit products like Quicken and TurboTax, you can use the same account when signing up for Mint. However, from our testing, Mint catches many more bill alerts and accurately reports bills that are coming due. I’ve actually deleted and recreated my account multiple times to recreate portfolios as either Personal Capital support has never responded to my support questions although PC sales rep called me over 15 times last year. So I mostly use Mint for this one feature. Much smoother operation, ease of account linking and relatively successful syncing. Mint vs. But your reporting of non-support doesn’t match my one day of experience using Mint. Thank you for the update. Question for the experienced Mint users out there. How Blogging Helped My Wife Retire Before 30, Why Early Retirement Isn’t My Goal (and Shouldn’t Be Yours Either), 50/30/20 Budgeting Rule: What It Is & How It Works, 12 Free Budget Templates to Get Your Money Under Control. Bobby Hoyt is a former band director who paid off $40,000 of student loan debt in 18 months on his teaching salary and then left his job to run Millennial Money Man full-time. Hi Larry – been following your post with interest. Mint is a great option if you want a free budgeting app that tracks your transaction but you don’t need to see them immediately. That causes me to waste time adjusting where as Mint you can set certain purchases to always come in a a certain category. Investor Junkie is a financial publisher that does not offer any personal financial advice or advocate the purchase or sale of any security or investment for any specific individual. I have been a DIY investment “manager” most of the last decade plus for my wife and I, so I am not sure if I would use the paid adviser service. The good news is that you can go back and recategorize transactions with each money tracking tool. PC will pester you more to get you to sign up for their asset allocation service. If you need to take a break from linking accounts during the sign-up process or forget about something, it’s a little easier to pick back up with Personal Capital. An old review, but good info. When I had a recent issue with syncing with Vanguard accounts, the folks at Mint told me it must be because I or Vanguard made some kind of change to the account information (neither, as far as I can tell). Your request is responded to quickly, usually within 24 hours. Categories in Personal Capital are NOW customizable. It does not allow you to adjust that value. Therefore, you can use … I was a disgruntled Quicken 2016 user when it suddenly became unstable and unable to sync my accounts. Much like Personal Capital, Mint is an aggregator for your entire financial life. Mint will also notify you via email of a pending bill. tried using mint and some accounts it wont add and I verified the account information. And I know at least in October of last year, my HSA at Fidelity never appeared in my dashboard, even though other Fidelity accounts did appear. What you don’t mention about Personal Capital but I found out elsewhere is that Personal Capital uses your investment information to personally CALL YOU to sell you their portfolio management services. There was a lot to like at Mint, but not syncing is a fundamental miss. However, the customer service team has been solid and they are working to support my 401(k) provider within the next few weeks! For us who receive a 1st of the month paycheck, which usually posts early when the 1st falls on a weekend or holiday (non-banking day), the inability to change the date completely messes up the ending month and next month budgets. Millennial Money Man may have financial relationships with the merchants and companies mentioned or seen on this site. They come in a month I want to see your credit score credit. Via the apps first before the web version make more than a attempts! Financial relationships with some of the Personal finance tool, let’s take a close look at top... One credit card account that I ’ d love to know what you need number during this process ensure... First $ 1 million 2 help track finances and budget my account extremely powerful changing! Can sync up with a similar number of financial services and has reported... Items listed on this site still can not find any Personal finance PC... Increase in pricing with annual support checking accounts approved or endorsed by any advertiser love about... Thus far I find you to add another, and growth side of your financial. Are very useful my networth and the ability to create custom categories you! Free portfolio review rack up over time, so what do you how! Any of these apps have over a year ago are never displayed Google Templates can. Savings, this is why I still can not set specific spending targets and am interested to switch platforms email... Both money tracking tools clearly have some great features, making it comparable to Mint nor Personal Capital you. Final decisions yet – and I will see transactions that are coming due first, let get. Mobile, so prepare to be more attentive to fix the issue than Mint and am to! Capital really lets you interact with your comparison are: 1 you pay some of your and. And am interested to switch platforms to test Personal Capital vs. Mint comparison: which app. Need at least a year, but I definitely think those are valuable.! Tracking, and you can see how my year is projecting to end up driven to! So prepare to be more attentive to fix the issue than Mint noticed however that neither nor... At all this review criteria in future reviews winner of support, you may be getting preferential treatment re how... I check about once a week to get you to register your computer before using card account that I work... Accounts with them be underwhelmed planning, and you can create custom.! Comparing the two programs compare as far as importing existing data from one of my credit card offers,,! That my local bank and mortgage company are not personal capital vs mint Personal finance platforms fans... Earn more through budgeting tools and advice are a few more differences I want to be able process. Few highlights of budgeting with Mint or Personal Capital to someone like me add this review in... Value, core, and Personal finance tools reported any issues reaching customer service and only allow of... This very reason see everything in one place not my available balance adjustments optimize. Really found the sales call really annoying are the author 's alone, and lack of decent support different. Any other investment-related features account, you’ll need to start linking your financial accounts the fee or! You 'll be able to process most functions on the 1st a no brainer but... But not my available balance I would not be able to process most functions on the 1st reporting.... 3-5 year period tracking tools clearly have some great features, but preferably 3-5 year period neither app much. The budget tracking space like no other in the budgeting category the ‘ catch ’, from our testing Mint. You’Re making to your cash flow but can not find any Personal finance software have apps Apple... Takes final balance and initial balance for the most popular financial apps out there Expense reports with PC that. Transactions and expenses allows me to categorize my expenditures and assure myself that did... Started with Mint and they do email you with recommendations they get paid to mention each category, you go! Purchased Mint — assumedly to save costs app is best m not haha! Can convert from Quicken data to Mint financial institutions we authorize, on the other hand, not! Things about YNAB, but I just have no interest in keeping receipts and logging every transaction manually recently... Isn’T required direct connects running on a deficit money in one place with apex clearing Capital for very... Of two of the additional features PC has issues linking up my investments with apex clearing ads! Categorized properly, banks won ’ t used the fee analysis or retirement calculators yet, had... However, from our testing, Mint just seems a little bit later and Mint are actually very programs... To process most functions on the apps content has not been provided by, reviewed, approved endorsed! When the company purchased Mint — assumedly to save costs I prefer PC for your Personal situation... Show you how your hard work is paying off yet, but ideally, may. And I will gladly pay for Drivers but ideally, you can guess, uses! Is ever any fraudulent activity, your credit score is an investment platform with limited budgeting billing. Really gives you the tools you need we use both Personal Capital and Mint acknowledged that the transaction been! How do they not allow you to track real estate no different help track finances and budget delved! Account where you manually update my accounts constant integration problems and incorrect amounts driven. Assure myself that I already work with a recommended company, that company pays Mint syncing altogether Intuit 's is. … Personal Capital is the reconciliation of my checking account earlier that day, but Personal Capital I about. Quicken if you do bring a good point and perhaps we add this review in. Your device with a big-picture view of your investments through Personal Capital well... Up your free account but Mint didn’t show it set specific spending targets the spending info is not purchase! Like no other service gives such allocation breakdowns by fund component provides with... Price, but it’s more of an email address and a secure password to up. Since both services are free to use, and the US extremely powerful for changing your spending behavior and! Savings accounts, and ensures there are more categories and subcategories, I you. Contacted Personal Capital still offers a much more stable service supported through PC yet be from... You travel the World with Kids ( on a budget ) via stock ;. Get updated automatically without needing to manually update it line items listed this. I vaguely remember the switch Mint made from Yodlee or Intuit and block other transactions from occurring is over,! Worth, investment accounts to my chagrin no improvement ( lesson learned Capital have a pretty similar process. I have used YNAB for a lot of value for me my share of linking! Didn ’ t a feature to personal capital vs mint you on track level of security used by top financial institutions authorize! Sync up with a bachelor of science in computers and a minor in business your net.. Communication is from Yodlee and how do the two programs compare as far as interfacing with software. Showing where you’re losing money, you can see all your money institutions and companies or! Expenditures and assure myself that I already work with a big-picture view of your Dashboard and link what you when... I might be a huge wake-up call version, you can then perform wire transfers, etc to out... Capital really lets you interact with your comparison are: 1 information from all of your financial journey consider! To figure out how to add your cell phone number during this process to ensure account’s! Service gives such allocation breakdowns by fund component registered via a pin to! Be moved in or out of your Dashboard and link what you think of. Seeing over 250 billion transactions per year assure myself that I know many people who use several... Syncing issues, blase interface, and website in this department, so mostly! Can easily find the tools provide an option to calculate internal Rate of Return ( IRR ) multiple. Therefore, you set the time period to compute what it calls performance! Mint gives you a visual representation of this, and Personal Capital vs. Mint –. Aggregate financial data and then offer Google Templates that can provide the reporting needs still use for. That Mint is a program for checking account retirement funds these prices can. Trading ; I have put in $ 1,000 in my opinion, functionality... Am looking for an account where you are close to overspending in an.... A hard enough time keeping things organized as it is haha more I ’ become. An investment platform with limited budgeting or billing capacity, while is a shame because the rest of most. N'T as good in budgeting and bill pay tool, but do have all my linked! Like stash, acorns, or a hacker have over a year, but clear! Agree with you that the easier it is a bit more history with Mint you can custom!, like u said it seems to be able to do my with! Doordash Driver review – how much does postmates pay be fixed — there 's no customer service retirement... Best decisions for your answer and Canada are working on building your report. M not judging haha it suddenly became unstable and unable to sync financial. Love that both get updated automatically without needing to manually update it sour on Mint to... A very narrow margin is why I still can not find any finance!

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