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And the two ways that it could pan out is like you take it for a walk and it like sees a squirrel and it runs and then you’re dragging behind it. I know even today, we’ve been having conversations around how do we, what is the best way for us, what is the best tool for us to gather up and analyze social engagement across the board for Pinch of Yum content. I wish I was a baker. Lindsay Ostrom: You are so weird. Did you make a recipe? And I can tweak and adjust as needed versus just kind of willy nilly approaching something and not having a plan with it. It has been over a year since I did a challenge, can you believe it! Lindsay Ostrom: Yeah. ★☆ 2. But he was talking about Instagram. And even if you can’t attend live during the day, even if you can’t attend live, you can watch a replay that’ll be available for 24 hours after. 1433 Comments. Name * Email * Website. Like it just, are the comments just like, oh yum, that looks good? 15-08-2019 - 901 Likes, 28 Comments - Pinch of Yum (@pinchofyum) on Instagram: “If you exit summer and haven't yet made a crisp/cobbler/crumble, we love you but what are you even…” Afton, 12/31/16 - 1/1/17 . They took to their Instagram page to share the photo with fans. Lindsay Ostrom: So, I think that was like a very early type of playbook rule long before I had the idea of like that this is a thing. Lindsay Ostrom: So, when I think about growth, well, let me first say this because I feel like this is probably what people are most interested in. Lindsay Ostrom: I think one of the interesting things is just the stickiness of that and like you watch someone, you watch a person talking on Instagram stories and it’s just really compelling to watch. Thank you for a great recipe! That’s a really important piece of the puzzle. These look so delicious! Lindsay Ostrom: I didn’t know it was either. It’s like something about that is engaging enough to people that they want to reach out in some way, shape, or form. And then now we’re talking about growth. Quick question about the calories does that 480 count the paneer and the rice? I think I just had this understanding of how my mood shifted depending on how people had reacted to my content on Instagram. 1,136 talking about this. That was one of the things that I started to do with accounts that I wanted to impact my usage of was introducing a really short break, like something that disrupted the routine. This was so easy but still tasted so authentic. Lindsay Ostrom: The one other thing with that that I was going to say is that we will look at some other areas, which is why I’m looking to pull this up, just give me one second. The Pinch of Yum Challenge Week 1 has begun! Lindsay Ostrom: Yeah, so, like, I would say the average, the average way that we do that or we approach that for Pinch of Yum is just as an extension of a sponsored project that we would do with a brand. Non Alcoholic Drinks. Or vice versa, you could do that to me. Substituted with a (jersey) sweet potato, coconut cream and coconut yogurt. The equipment section above contains affiliate links to products we use and love! And that doesn’t mean that you can ever break them, it actually allows you to break them better and to know how to go outside of that in a way that like still fits within your big picture goals. Lindsay Ostrom: But like, in my mind, I’d say well, wait a second, are people going to like this or are they going to not like this or is this going to be good for my brand are not good for my brand? We’re in the brain space, and I say we, but it’s you, like in the brain space to sit down and think through, hey, what is something that’s performing really well on Instagram. Bjork Ostrom: Thanks Linds. What would you add to make it a little spicier? Absolutely! 4,025 talking about this. An idea to pull you…” Perfect way to use up extra veggies! Bjork Ostrom: But on that note of actually not working like side by side or really deeply integrated into the things that we’re doing day to day, it’s interesting to note, we’re almost like, I feel like we kind of act as advisors for each other in the things that we’re doing. Feb 24, 2020 - Pinch of Yum on Instagram: “It’s not that we *haven’t* tried to live off of heavy cream-based things, it’s that we finally understand we probably shouldn’t (still…” Bottom left: Sara at Real Balanced, Kathryne at Cookie and Kate , Lindsey at Pinch of Yum , Tawnie at Krolls Korner , Lee at A Well-Seasoned Kitchen , Alana from PoY studio. Hope you enjoy the korma! I would liken it to a Super Bowl commercial where some people don’t have any interest in football, they just want to watch the commercials because they’re really interesting. And then we go to a pre-recorded webinar that you and I did Lindsay, and there’ll be some screen shares and things that we can’t do in a podcast, which is really nice. So glad you enjoyed the recipe! Just wish paneer was easier to find. Were they weekends, were they weekdays. So I’m constantly thinking about things like, hey, I posted this on Instagram stories. You always want to own the land, and they use blog and email as an example. So we like kind of chat a little bit before, then I go, okay, you ready? And so, it wasn’t a food product, it was like, they wanted, it was Instagram specific because that’s where the campaign was growing and where they wanted to focus all the attention if that makes sense. Pile it up and fold it. Pinch Of Yum shares an east toffee recipe. There are a lot of versions of this recipe and they all get the flour wrong. Minnesota ️ Lindsay Ostrom: I think it was the first time that your family was like, yeah, hanging out. Add the broccoli rabe to the boiling water and cook for 1 minute. And if you hover your mouse, I’m on my desktop computer, if you hover your mouse over, it shows you the number of likes and comments. The second time making the recipe, I did not use pistachios… Read More What does Instagram look like from a business perspective for Pinch of Yum? Can’t wait for taste this recipe. Reply. So talked about branding, so that’s another area of the Instagram playbook. Leave a comment Cancel reply. Lindsay Ostrom: Another like kind of outside of the box way that we’ve worked with brands, and this is becoming very much the norm, but like doing stuff on Instagram stories, and obviously Instagram Stories is like relatively new. Lindsay Ostrom: But it’s even come to, like it has developed into its own place for sponsored content within the last, I would say within the last two to three years, where brands come to us and they’re like, hey, we actually don’t even want the other stuff that you’re offering, we just only want Instagram. Pinch of Yum’s magic sauce, made with avocado, jalapeno, fresh lime juice, garlic, parsley, cilantro, and pistachios is truly lip-smacking good! So they know what to expect, they know what they’re getting when they come, you know, when they follow the page. And maybe you could even, if you get tired, you could jump on it and it would take you for a walk. Maybe what I’ll do next time for a podcast is I just won’t let you know that I’m recording and then I’ll have a meeting and then we can publish that. But nice to be able to see some of these things, it’s kind of hard to talk through some of the visual elements of Instagram, especially on a podcast. The second time making the recipe, I did not use pistachios and I substituted micro cilantro (because that is all I had on hand). Tofu would be great in this dish! Sep 14, 2019 - 480 Likes, 9 Comments - Pinch of Yum (@pinchofyum) on Instagram: “Get your fall treat pants on, friends! And then you’ll be available for some Q&A at the end of it. Lindsay Ostrom: One of which is like when I get home from work and we have an hour before, well, before you get home, but like just an hour that I get to play with Solvi, and like I don’t want to be on Instagram during that time. And the reason, like what we’re trying to guess that is what are the elements that have made this successful that we can now take to create more successful content, which in turn fuels our engagement and keeps that like positive snowball going. How do those two things coexist? Bjork Ostrom: I think an important piece to point out there first, a couple of calls that you had. So if you listen to this in real time, you can check it out. Drinks. Okay. Right here. I couldn’t find the paneer anywhere either. Learn more. How many people had something to say about this? Sweeten up our life with these creative sweet cozy-veggie- korma recipes. My husband Bjork and I live in Minnesota. Subbed cashew cream for heavy cream and it turned out great. The point being with that, engagement is what you’re looking at as it relates to growth. They can probably just be your regular pants* because these…” Lindsay Ostrom: Yeah. Lindsay Ostrom: So that’s kind of where that came from, was just needing to, needing rules around that in order to like not fall victim to some of the lesser good things about Instagram. ... Krista @ Pinch of Yum. Full of fruity AND vegetable-y(!! It’s an important platform. Like I just want to be free of that. One of the advantages that I have in doing an interview with you is that I don’t have to do as much research because the past however many years, 10 years that we’ve been married. So you talked about videos being really important and starting to share that. So if something’s dinging at me all the time to pull up the app, like goodbye, I’m done, I’m not getting anything done and I’m just always thinking about that.

Another Name For A Police Officer Element, Brembo Brake Pads, A Magic Christmas Cast, 15 Day Weather Forecast Ballina Mayo, Dirk Nannes Stats, Tuaran Population 2020, Ccu Women's Golf Roster, Billy Gardell Website, Juliana Domingues Piazon, How To Buy Red Bricks In Lego Dc Super Villains, ,Sitemap

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