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"[45] Tom Huddleston of Time Out gave the film three out of five stars, saying "There are problems here ... but the characterization is feisty and memorable, the song-and-dance sequences intricate and colorful, and it'll charm the socks off little people. Copy URL . Early screenshots and trailers showed that Jewel and. Rio is the main protagonist of Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai de Deaeta Kimi ni~ and an orphaned child that lived in the slums of the Beltram Kingdom capital. Roberto replies that Blu has a family and that he would give anything to be him. He enlists two henchmen to help him in his plans: a poison dart frog named Gabi — who is in love with Nigel — and a silent anteater named Charlie. Rodrigo Santoro, who voices Tulio, and the soundtrack's producer Sérgio Mendes at the film's press event. Some of the lines of dialogue were changed such as ". When Eduardo and Roberto call each other "the bird" back and forth, the one to interrupt them is Blu, suggesting that they were both "the bird." Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When words about the encounter were broadcasted through television, Jewel believes that she and her family should go to the Amazon to help Linda and Tulio find the wild Spix's Macaws. Catwoman joining Thor on Spielberg's Robopocalypse? Blu crashes into Kipo when he gets out behind the car and Blu hits him right back into the paint cans, this scene was used in the showreel of the film. Carla first tries to participate in the recruiting and judging of the contestants to the Carnival party. Blu fails at Eduardo's survival techniques when he takes Blu out to train him to be like one of the flock. This particular storyboard may be very heart-breaking to watch. Gabi then asks Nigel if he knew of a story about a couple with forbidden love, as he replies with "Romeo and Juliet." It's a jungle out there for Blu, Jewel and their three kids in RIO 2, after they're hurtled from that magical city to the wilds of the Amazon. On December 9, 20th Century Fox released a video clip showcasing new scenes from the film. Some scenes that were shown in the trailers, commercials and TV spots that did not end up in the final film include: These images will bring you to an external website, allowing you to view the full storyboard. Blu visits Tulio and Linda's campsite, where he discovers a broken CB radio. Submissions without photos may not be accepted. rio 2 final battle. During the battle, Nigel tries to use Charlie's snout to fire a prehensile-tailed porcupine quill (which they got earlier) with Gabi's poison on it at Blu, but the dart misses. On March 17, a series of interviews were released in which Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Bruno Mars,, and Jamie Foxx elaborate on the film through their characters' eyes. Fed up with the rigors of living in the jungle, Blu voices his heated feelings to Jewel. On October 2, that same theatrical trailer was released online worldwide. Rio 2: The Junior Novel is a written, but mlsoore descriptive version of its featured film Rio 2, showing how the characters feel towards a situation.. After witnessing his workers fail due to the macaws' attack, Big Boss lights a string of dynamite placed on the trees to blow them up as a backup plan. The closing credits are animated in the style of a pop-up book, similar to the map which shows Blu, Jewel, Carla, Bia, Tiago, Nico, Pedro, and Rafael's journey path during the movie. [19], On April 18, 2013, 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios unveiled the first teaser trailer at the annual Las Vegas, Nevada CinemaCon. Rio 2 este un film 3D de animație și aventură, produs de studiourile Blue Sky regizat de Carlos Saldanha.Este al doilea film al seriei, primul fiind produs în 2011. Club gave the film a C, saying "Like the first film, Rio 2 is almost oppressively bright, bombarding the screen with flashes of saturated rainforest colors and even a bird version of soccer (timed a bit too perfectly to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil). The Battle of Rio Nuevo occurred on 25 June 1658 on the island of Jamaica between Spanish forces under Cristóbal Arnaldo Isasi and English forces under governor Edward D'Oyley. A Rio 2. On April 2, a clip discussing the journey Blu and his family take across Brazil, as well as a few more scenes from the film, was uploaded to Rio's YouTube channel. Powers and Stats. Roberto arrives in a panic and Eduardo slaps him. MEDIA. A film a második olyan a stúdió munkái közül, aminek folytatása készült, erre eddig csak Jégkorszaknál volt példa. On January 31, a video featuring Bruno Mars, Jamie Foxx and - Musician Early, was released worldwide. Yes! Meanwhile, Blu's former owner Linda and her ornithologist husband Tulio are on an expedition in the Amazon and eventually discover a quick-flying Spix's Macaw that loses one of its feathers. The film features the returning voices of Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway,, Jamie Foxx, George Lopez, Tracy Morgan, Jemaine Clement, Leslie Mann, Rodrigo Santoro, and Jake T. Austin. "[44] Justin Chang of Variety said, "Domestic and ecological dramas abound in this bright, noisy, overstuffed sequel to Fox's 2011 surprise hit. The others are shocked. [70] In its second weekend, the film dropped to number three, grossing an additional $22,159,742. G 2014 Comedy, Family Welcome to the jungle...of fun! There, they meet Jewel's stern, long lost father Eduardo, his older sister Mimi, and Jewel's childhood friend Roberto. [28] The film was released in the United States on April 11, 2014. Rio 2 - Silence Your Cellphones and Use CineMode, Rio 2 Nigel & Gabi Telenovela Episode 1 20th Century FOX, Rio 2 Nigel & Gabi Telenovela Episode 2 20th Century FOX, Rio 2 Beautiful Creatures 20th Century Fox, Rio 2 - In Cinemas April 4 - Party Characters, Rio 2 It's A Jungle Out Here Official HD Music Video 2014, Rio 2 Migration Vacation 20th Century FOX, Rio 2 "The Beat Goes On" Music Sizzle 20th Century Fox, Rio 2 Janelle Monáe "What Is Love" Music Video 20th Century Fox, Rio 2 Interview - Jesse Eisenberg (2014) - Animated Sequel Movie HD, Rio 2 Interview - Anne Hathaway (2014) - Animated Sequel Movie HD, Rio 2 Interview - Bruno Mars (2014) - Animated Sequel Movie HD, Rio 2 Interview - Will i Am (2014) - Animated Sequel Movie HD, Rio 2 Interview - Jamie Foxx (2014) - Animated Sequel Movie HD, Rio 2 Amandla Stenberg "Bia" On Set Movie Interview, Rio 2 Rodrigo Santoro "Tulio" On Set Movie Interview, Rio 2 Tracy Morgan "Luiz" On Set Movie Interview, 'Rio 2' Bruno Mars & Philip Lawrence Interview, Rio 2 "Family Jewels" Behind the Scenes 20th Century FOX, Rio 2 "You're the Bird" Bruno & Philip 20th Century FOX, Rio 2 Anne Hathaway interview turns into therapy session, Anne Hathaway Interview turns into therapy session, Anne Hathaway Interview 2014 Actress Is the 'Jewel' of 'Rio 2', Rio 2 - Meet the Real Blu 20th Century FOX, Differences between trailers and the films. They lean towards each other for a kiss, but he wakes up right before it happens. Solskjaer, 47, switched to a 3-4-1-2 formation for just the second time this season against the Germans. After their falling out, Blu flies away. This exchange was probably omitted to avoid making Jewel's character look selfish and uncaring to her mate. As Blu tries to fit in, he goes beak-to-beak with the vengeful Nigel, and meets his father-in-law. That alone is reason enough to appreciate it. Approximate location of battle. On July 17, Yahoo unveiled a second trailer introducing Claira the capybara. The war turns out to be a soccer-like match between the two tribes. Eduardo thanks Blu for bringing Jewel back to him, but is unimpressed with his domesticated behavior. Name: Rio, Amakawa Haruto Origin: Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai de Deaeta Kimi ni~ Blu then discovers that the loggers are destroying the jungle. With Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Jemaine Clement, Andy Garcia. [83], An additional album featuring John Powell's original score was released on April 8, 2014 by Sony Classical. Rafael, Nico, and Pedro also decide to come along to scout talent for Carnival. "[56] Jeannette Catsoulis of The New York Times gave the film a negative review, saying "The cinematic equivalent of attack by kaleidoscope, Rio 2 sucks you in and whirls you around before spitting you out, exhausted. He explains the loggers' intentions and the macaws decide to flee. Rio 2 was Don Rhymer's final film after he died on November 28, 2012, due to neck cancer. Nigel, still alive, tries to attack Blu and his family one last time, but Gabi showers Nigel with affection against his will. They get into an argument, with Jewel protesting he should be supporting the interests of his family, not just his own. The final fight scene between the Spix's tribe and the loggers resembles the 1963 film, The main plot with Eduardo and Blu is similar to, The football game at the Pit of Doom resembles a Quidditch match from, In one of the original storyboards for Rio 2, Carla's room in. Journey to the Amazon Storyboard Compilation, RIO 2 Behind The Scenes 1 Art directing - Tom Cardone & Sculpting - Vicki Saulls, RIO 2 Behind the Scenes 2 Rigging - Sabine Heller, RIO 2 Behind the Scenes 3 Lighting Jeeyun Sung Chisholm, RIO 2 Behind The Scenes 4 Directing - Carlos Saldanha, RIO 2 Behind the Scenes 5 Supervising Animator Melvin Tan, RIO 2 Behind The Scenes 6 3D Stereography - Dan M Abramovich, Rio 2 "I Will Survive" Trailer 20th Century FOX, Rio 2 "What Is Love" Lyrics Video 20th Century FOX, Rio 2 New Year's Eve Clip 20th Century FOX. Jewel: [after Blu slips, spinning Jewel around]For a bird from Minnesota, you've got some moves. PROJECTS. Trying to talk his way through things, Blu inadvertently causes a war between the two tribes for food when he accidentally whacks Felipe with a twig. Rio 2 is a 2014 American 3D computer-animated musical comedy film produced by Blue Sky Studios and directed by Carlos Saldanha.It is the sequel to the 2011 computer-animated film Rio.And the final in Río series. On December 26, a music video in which the Rio cast danced to the track "What Is Love" by Janelle Monáe was uploaded to the official Rio channel on YouTube. Shinobi Jaxx & Mikachu vs. CoFlo & GraVidy (Final Battle) LuvBugz House Dance Battle @dancersglobal. But if Rio 2 is hardly Pixar quality, it's certainly better than the average animated sequel. [20] [21] On May 14, 2013, that same trailer was released online worldwide and attached to Epic.[22]. atacama reports m&i resouces increases by 65% to 2.667 million ounces of gold with a further 1.810 million ounces in the inferred category - september 25, 2012; atacama corporate update - october 5, 2012; phase iv drilling program commences at cerro maricunga oxide gold project - november 15, 2012 In addition, a clip featuring more film footage of the New Year's Eve party was also uploaded to the channel. Rio 2 - Silence Your Cellphones and Use CineMode! After their heartfelt reunion, Blu persuades the macaws to defend their homes, and they easily outmatch the loggers with help from the Scarlet Macaws and the other animals (monkeys, turtles, a black jaguar, and a few other birds). In an interview after his nomination for the Academy Award for Best Original Song, Sérgio Mendes said that the first film is likely to have a sequel and that Carlos Saldanha is planning it for release in 2014, a few months before the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Brazil. Nigel reveals his true identity with his mask and Eduardo stares at him in confusion. There's no Cats and Dogs in Rio? Jones six-gun battery were stationed at Fort Brown. Meanwhile, the leader of a group of illegal loggers, known only as Big Boss, discovers Linda and Tulio's expedition to find the macaws, and orders his henchmen to hunt them down to avoid disruptions to their work. On January 17, 2014, the official Rio movie channel on YouTube uploaded a video announcing Rita Moreno as the recipient of the SAG Life Achievement Award. On December 13, that same trailer was posted on YouTube by the official Rio movie channel. The title refers to the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, where the first film was set and Rio 2 begins, though most of its plot occurs in the Amazon rainforest. He has stated, "Of course, I have a lot of stories to tell, so we're [starting to] prepare for it."[87]. "[41] Another review aggregation website, Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 top reviews from mainstream critics, calculated a score of 49 out of 100 based on 34 reviews, which indicates mixed or average reviews. Meanwhile, Blu's former owner Linda and her ornithologist husband Tulio are on an expedition in the Amazon, and eventually discover a quick-flying Spix's Macaw that loses one of its feathers. If you're a fan of Blu and Jewel, it's best to avoid watching this. When the tribe was dancing and Blu gave up trying to fit in, Tiago came to him and told him to join in. "[46] Kyle Smith of the New York Post gave the film two and a half stars out of four, saying "Rio 2 is not what I would call Amazon prime, but it's got enough silly songs and daffy critters to keep the little ones happy. "[61] Alonso Duralde of The Wrap gave the film a negative review, saying "The musical moments, on the whole, stand out as the highlights of the film; Rio 2 becomes watchable when the flat characters shut up and sing. When Nigel was spying on the Spix's Macaw tribe over the head of Charlie (who was holding onto a tree with his tongue), Charlie saw ants and, when he stretched out to reach them, lost balance, and they all fell off the tree. He also shows a ring on his leg as proof of his time as a captive. "[58] Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film three out of four stars, saying "It's as good as the first one and sure to please both the kiddies and adults with its two-tiered humor. Coco (2017) Source video - Top clips - Next line quiz. Charlie was practicing dance moves before the show. Blu is confused and asks what he has since Roberto's the one with the looks and voice. He then called. Nigel was judging him hard, repeating the move sequence again and again. Rio 2. Where the film excels though, in an even more pronounced way than the first film, is in the choreographed animation for the musical numbers. In the spring of 1865, Colonel Fords immediate force amounted to nine companies of cavalry in two battalions. "[50] Peter Hartlaub of the San Francisco Chronicle gave the film two out of four stars, saying "It's like the last Hobbit movie - so much time passes between side plots that you have to jog the memory when a minor character appears again. That's no easy feat, but it's also one sequel-makers probably shouldn't aspire to. While traveling along the waters by the riverboat, Tiago started making monkey sounds, which the monkeys from the jungle replied to. OTCQX: RIOFF. On February 11, a new trailer featuring the characters Nigel and Gabi, Runs Wild, was released. Kipo was missing his turn on the audition and stomps on the hood and it gets hit in the face with it. FENIX GOLD PROJECT. Kérjük, add meg e-mail címed, ahol fel tudjuk venni veled a kapcsolatot. However, they still agree to visit Rio in the summer. 1 - YouTube The Emperor's New Groove - Battle of the Bridge... Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. The film received mixed reviews, but was a box office success, earning over $500 million. Tiago making noises on the boat where Blu and Jewel are sitting on. Mom's Movie Minute: Rio 2 Is Rio 2 right for your child? Apexfelineeleet. The film was released worldwide on April 11, 2014,[4] following the film's release in Russia on March 20, 2014,[4] its premiere in Brazil on March 27, 2014, and its U.K. release on April 4, 2014. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. In reality, macaws can either have solid black tongues or tongues with light pink or yellow patches on their sides. He's also the reincarnation of Amakawa Haruto who died due to an unfortunate accident in Japan. Úgy mint a Shrekben. Gabi,who is horrified that Nigel is supposedly dead, tries to commit suicide by drinking her own poison, and the pair appear to be dead. The only frustrating thing is that it feels very much like a by-the-numbers sequel, lacking the verve, ebullience, and left-field humor that made 2011's Rio such a surprise hit. Rio 2. However, he unknowingly strays into the territory of the Spix's Macaws' enemies, the Scarlet Macaws, led by the hostile Felipe. With the flock now under Linda and Tulio's protection, Blu and Jewel decide to live in the Amazon with their kids and friends. While searching for the macaws, Linda and Tulio are eventually trapped by the loggers. I’m still thinking about it. "[66] Robbie Collin of The Daily Telegraph gave the film two out of five stars, saying "This jumbled sequel, which was also directed by Carlos Saldanha, loses most of what made the first film such an infectious entertainment. Altered or Removed Scenes from the film that are found in the Junior Novel and the Storyboards. [27] The film's premiere was held in Miami, Florida on March 20, 2014. Blu said it was okay, he was good, and that they should go have fun. Though the Spix's Macaws seem to have the upper hand in the match, Blu enters and incidentally costs the flock their food when he prematurely sends the Brazil nut "ball" into the Spix's Macaws' own goal, much to Eduardo's frustration. [18], On November 28, Don Rhymer, screenplay writer of the first film, passed away during the writing phase of the sequel after a battle with head and neck cancer. Unfortunately, it teases the movie more than it gives any sense of … Either signifying that he has to give up his human life for Jewel, or signifying that he feels like he hasn't done too much good for Jewel. On September 25, the official Rio Twitter account asked fans to tune in to Entertainment Tonight for an exclusive preview of the Rio 2 trailer. $2.99 Add to Cart . A mozifilm a Blue Sky Studios gyártásában készült, a 20th Century Fox Animation forgalmazásában készült. When Linda confronts the loggers, she and Tulio escape, but they are followed. "[68], Rio 2 grossed $131,538,435 in North America, and $364,443,940 in other countries, for a worldwide total of $495,982,375, surpassing its predecessor. Who's that toucan again? [73] Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment donated $100,000 to WWF to support conservation efforts in the Amazon. It is the largest battle to be fought on Jamaica. Rio2 acquired a 100% interest in the Fenix Gold Project on July 24, 2018 as a result of its business combination with Atacama Pacific Gold Corporation. Also, a spokesperson for 20th Century Fox said that the studio is interested in turning Rio into a franchise. Nigel follows them onto the boat and plans to attack them at midnight while they're sleeping. Wanting to impress Jewel, Blu tries to pick a Brazil nut to surprise her. Summary. When Eduardo expresses his frustrations toward Blu's behavior, he actually does so to Mimi (instead of Roberto), who tells Eduardo that she liked him and that he should give him a chance. Jason Sadler, the character designer who created Tiago, Bia, and Carla, stated that ". But for the music and brilliantly picturesque look, it's worth the 3-D ticket. SUSTAINABILITY. When they recover, Nigel attacks Blu, and they have a feather fight. I've joined the cast of, 'Rio' helmer Carlos Saldanha inks Fox pact. When he sees Blu and his family flying overhead of him, he immediately decides to seek revenge on the "pretty birds" who caused his misery. Rio vs Rio 2 - Type 2 keywords and click on the 'Fight !' Before Eduardo trains Blu, in one of the storyboards, it seems that Jewel suggested Blu would hang out with Roberto. The Battle of Rio Nuevo took place between 25 and 27 June 1658 on the island of Jamaica between Spanish forces under Cristóbal Arnaldo Isasi and English forces under governor Edward D'Oyley. [81][82] It was promoted by the single "What Is Love", performed by Janelle Monáe. La comunidad que espera Rio2 (2014) para Latinos ahora en facebook, Solo para los fans de Rio al 100%!!! [86], Director Carlos Saldanha has kept the possibility for a Rio 3 open. "[64] Kevin McFarland of The A.V. LESS: LITTLE: TINY: Start … However, both Blu and Nigel survive the explosion, and both end up tangled in vines, hanging upside down and unconscious. Luiz tries to follow, but is unknowingly left behind by the birds. Unbeknownst to Jewel, he is bound for Linda's campsite to say his goodbyes as he has chosen to stay in the jungle. However, Blu steals the dynamite and tries to carry it as high as possible away from the trees. In the battle lasting over two days the invading Spanish were routed. When Eduardo was training Blu, and humans passed by them, in the book, those humans were actually Linda and Tulio. On January 24, the official Rio Twitter account invited fans to a special Grammy coverage with Nico and Pedro on January 26. Submissions should come only from the actors themselves, their parent/legal guardian or casting agency. It's a jungle out there for Blu, Jewel and their three kids after they're hurtled from Rio de Janeiro to the wilds of the Amazon. 646 likes. Jewel chuckles, "Oh Roberto, stop it." "[51] Bill Goodykoontz of The Arizona Republic gave the film three out of four stars, saying "An agreeable song-and-dance movie, a laugh here, a laugh there, pleasant but overly busy, for seemingly no real reason other than to throw a few more set pieces at the wall to see what sticks. On October 23, Sérgio Mendes, the co-writer of "Real in Rio", shortly spoke about his current work with Carlinhos Brown on the new film's soundtrack. Jewel refuses to leave and insists on going after Blu, convincing Eduardo to agree. While the children are ecstatic, Blu is uncertain, but is pressured into going along. Yes! A short clip from Rio 2 featuring her character Mimi was also shown in the video. Before they leave, Roberto compliments Jewel's morning beauty. Luiz finally arrives in the Amazon in time for the performance of the Amazon Untamed show after hitching a ride with Kipo, and an apparently redeemed Charlie joins the birds' party. When word about the encounte… "[60] Liam Lacey of The Globe and Mail gave the album three out of four stars, saying "Rio 2 (like Fox's Ice Age series) relies on derivative plotting and slapstick visual gags, in contrast to Pixar's more cerebral originality. [80], A soundtrack for the film was released on March 25, 2014 by Atlantic Records. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. [37] The Target exclusive comes with a Blu plush toy. Kung Fu Panda (2008) - Our Battle Will Be Legendary! He told her how they both die in the end, and she said she's never heard anything more romantic before. [36], Rio 2 was released on Blu-ray (2D and 3D) and DVD on July 15, 2014. A Rio 2. helyett lehetett volna a neve Rio - Amazonas, és társai. He said that when he first saw him, he thought he was a "wimpy-winged bird," but that he isn't. On October 12, 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios unveiled new video clips in Times Square in New York City, and the video clips aired in March 2014. The making and authorized distribution of this film supported over 12,000 jobs and involved over one millions work hours. A replay of the preview was made available on the website the following day. [15], On April 7, 2012, reported that Jesse Eisenberg has signed up to reprise his role as Blu. [23] The program ended with a 20-second look at various scenes from the film. Blu is then discovered by Roberto (who followed Blu), who accuses him of being a traitor. The next morning, after scaring Blu with a spider, Tiago had a race with his mother. On September 24, 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios unveiled a Sneak Peek on USA Today's website. Between the end of January and the end of March, his troop strength shrank almost 20 percent; as April opened, he had only 763 officer… She claims to know the youth market and states that Nico, Pedro, and Rafael were kinda old. CONTACT. In the battle lasting over two days the invading Spanish were routed. The site's consensus reads: "Like most sequels, Rio 2 takes its predecessor's basic template and tries to make it bigger -- which means it's even busier, more colorful, and ultimately more exhausting for viewers outside the youthful target demographic. More. 14:53. In addition, three more unassigned companies and Captain O.G. Click to Search for a friend's name in clips! Meanwhile, Rafael, Nico, Pedro, and Carla host auditions for Carnival, but all end in failure. Blu and Jewel become happy to know that they and their family will always be staying together in their new home from now on. "[57] Betsy Sharkey of the Los Angeles Times gave the film a negative review, saying "Wonderfully animated and well-voiced, Rio 2 is nevertheless too much. Coco (2017) - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. However, they are eventually taken to a flock of Spix's Macaws that are hiding in a secret paradise land. Tak! On the way to the Amazon rainforest, the group stops by at the bell tower of the cathedral in Ouro Preto. The battle of Rio Nuevo occurred over two days on the island of Jamaica between Spanish forces under Cristóbal Arnaldo Isasi and English forces under governor Edward D'Oyley. On August 29, 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios unveiled the theatrical trailer in San Francisco. In a particular storyboard, Blu and Jewel's argument at the. "[59] Tirdad Derakhshani of The Philadelphia Inquirer gave the film two out of four stars, saying "It'll keep the kids content for a couple of hours, though it's likely to bore the grown-ups. [71] In its third weekend, the film dropped to number four, grossing $13,881,457. When Roberto follows Blu and believes he's a traitor, he yells at him that he had everything, and yet he does "this." Following about 4 years after the first film, Blu and Jewel enjoy life in Rio with their three children: the oldest and music-loving Carla, intelligent and energetic Bia, and the youngest and mischievous Tiago. Is he a bad guy? Ready Player One came out in 2018, and you know what? It is the largest battle to be fought on Jamaica. Rio 2 is a 2014 American 3D computer-animated musical adventure-comedy film produced by Blue Sky Studios and directed by Carlos Saldanha. Voice over actors: provide a link to your professional website containing your reel. When Eduardo called the whole tribe to inform about Jewel's return, he sat on a branch with Blu, where the two had a small talk. It is Tiago who spots the dynamite left in the trees. A büszke szülők, Azúr és Csili, három kis fiókájukkal együtt nagy kalandba vágnak bele, ugyanis elhatározzák, hogy elutaznak az Amazonas vidékére, és felhagynak a városi élettel. [42], Mark Adams of Screen Daily said, "As a delightfully bright and breezy bit of 3D animated entertainment Rio 2 hits the sweet spot, and will no doubt be a box office hit with its blend of good-natured jungle adventure, songs, and gags. Directed by Carlos Saldanha. Yes! There are actually no black jaguars in South America. Review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a score of 48% based on reviews from 105 critics, with an average rating of 5.4/10. He also exercised control over half a regiment of cavalry that covered the river below Ringgold Barracks, too far away for assistance on short notice. The film was released to international theaters on March 20, 2014. [72] In its fourth weekend, the film dropped to number five, grossing $7,711,952. [31] The first, "Rocket Rumble", was released in December 2013,[32] the second, "High Dive", in February 2014,[33] the third, "Blossom River", in April 2014,[34] and the fourth, Timber Tumble, on July 15, 2014. 2014-ben bemutatott brazil-kanadai-amerikai 3D-s számítógépes animációs film, amely a 2011-es nagy sikerű Rio folytatása. Nigel goes after Blu and reveals himself as they are falling down when he tugs on the dynamite, which explodes seconds later. "[65] Mike McCahill of The Guardian gave the film two out of five stars, saying "It's hard to ascribe much art or wit to a franchise that retains the services of as comic relief – and a thoroughly inorganic talent-show subplot feels like another attempt to groom youngsters for life in the Cowell jungle. Birds of a feather flock together in lighthearted, Domesticated Macaws Reclaiming Their Wild Side, Too much story and too many bright colors bring down, Weekend Box Office Results for April 11-13, 2014, Weekend Box Office Results for April 18-20, 2014, Weekend Box Office Results for April 25-27, 2014, Weekend Box Office Results for May 2-4, 2014, Help Protect the Amazon So Macaws and Other Wildlife Have a Place to Call Home, 42ND ANNUAL ANNIE AWARDS CATEGORIES AND NOMINEES, 42nd Annual Annie Awards Nominations Announced, Original Motion Picture Score Soundtrack Of RIO 2 Available April 8, Fantástico: Carlos Saldanha shows backstage of animation,, Before the official release of the movie, a, According to Carlos Saldanha in an exclusive interview with Brazil's. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. button. Stop it.". [16] Anne Hathaway had also signed on to reprise her role as Jewel. It's available on the web and also on Android and iOS. Please include at least one social/website link containing a recent photo of the actor. During production, Mars offered his own personal touches that better shaped his character's physical appearance, personality, and voice.[26]. [30], Three of four Angry Birds Rio episodes — all visually tied to Rio 2 — have been released. "[54] Bruce Demara of the Toronto Star gave the film two and a half stars out of four, saying "Those who enjoyed the adventures of Blu and Jewel and company in the first Rio are going to find the sequel an equally pleasing diversion. The two stared at Blu in silence in an awkward situation, until the music started playing and Jewel said that she remembered it. Entertainer Bruno Mars joined the cast as Roberto after director Carlos Saldanha caught his performance on Saturday Night Live. The cast of the animated hit comedy "Rio" returns with a new flock of all-star voice talent, including Bruno Mars, Kristin Chenoweth and more in this high-flying sequel for the whole family.

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